Seasons change …..Time Flies

I came here last summer

When i rode subway line 2 for a long ride

Girls gladly showing off their bare legs

And guys with 3/4 quarter pants

Everybody wearing lightly coz it was too hot …even hotter than my tropical country

And today i rode the same subway again

Hardly to see anybody bare their skin anymore

Stylish jacket, parka, boots wrapping for heat

It was late autumn already and winter is creeping

And suddenly i recalled my Korean teacher once said

Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Reminded her how fast time passing by

Coz somehow people tend to change accordingly

But living in tropical country, nothing change much but everyday routine

Now i’m here, i do understand her

Coz weirdly i can sense that time flies

And a goodbye will be soon

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Autumn Foliage Hunting

Autumn!!!! My first ever autumn… i wish there are country that has autumn season all year long…hehhe…I was hunting down autumn foliage in Seoul last week as i can’t really travel out this October before all the yellow Ginko trees and red Maples dried and fall …i wish i’m a better photographer so that my pictures really captured the true beauty of autumn foliage i saw…

1. Yeuido Park

I loved this park and used to take my walk here whenever i came to Seoul. But after 5 months being here, this is my first time.. i wish i can do more frequently. You can also pay a visit to KBS and who knows you actually able to bump into korean artist while you are here… unlikely though. How to get there: National Assembly Station, Line 9, Exit 4.

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2. Deoksugung’s Stone Wall Road

People believe if couple walk through this beautiful road they will break-up after that…huksss…i’m alone on the day i strolled this road, i guess there will be no problem for me 🙂 At the end of the road, you can find many galleries and theatres. How to get there: Get off at City Hall Station (Seoul Subway Line 1 – Exit 2 / Seoul Subway Line 2 – Exit 12, turn left at the exit and walk straight for 30 meters).

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3. Gyeongbukgung Stone Wall Road to Samcheondong

Basically from Deoksugung  you can walk to Gyeongbukgung and Samcheongdong.

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Busker Busker Concert

I just back from Busker Busker concert!!! I had super duper fun!!! They are fantastic!!! When i had conversation with my foreigner friends who love korean music, nobody really listened to Busker Busker. hahaha… Busker Busker is an indie band who sing healing songs (my definition)…yups, they are not typical K-Pop idol who usually good looking, has nice body and can dance well. Busker Busker performed today with just simple t-shirt and no make-up..

I was  40 minutes late ..blamed myself who tried to look as pretty as i can and Olympic Park which located almost 1 hour away from Sinchon. But a concert that last 3 hours…i have no regret at all …and knowing that they are most probably not coming to Malaysia….worth my 100,000 won.

But based on my previous concert that i attended here in Seoul, i just found that something is slightly different with the audience. Many couples came to watch Busker Busker concert, no older generation, no foreigners (except me) and the organizer do not allowed us to take pictures even with our phone (never experience this). hehehehhe…

The last part of the concert, all of us are allowed to stand ( all seat is this concert is seated type)… everyone become so energetic and started to jump with them. hahahha… i just one awkward foreigner that find myself not able to do so…hahhaa…i’m not supposed to wear skirt and i swear that the floor was shaking hard when everybody keep jumping around like that… imagining my name will be out in Malaysia newspaper if the stadium happened to collapse…hukssss…not dare to be one.

I wish i can go to their concert again if they will have another before i leave.. Busker Busker rocks!!!

2nd Half Review..My life at Seoul

I wish the keyboard can work buy themselves instead my fingers…or the computer can read my mind and translate it directly …yeah..i just lazy….after 5 months living here…well…

Still remember one of my friend told me that life at oversea is actually the same as you are living in Malaysia. yeahh….i do understand it now…you live your everyday life as eat, you go to school, done shopping etc..just the place is different. Do i really get used to my life here? kinda of. Have i done everything i wish to do here? I guess not. Too many thing i wish to do but yet .. Do i really enjoy my life here? half-half…And 5 months to go, i wonder what will happen… still many questions not answered.

But whatever it is…i just glad that i’m here.  i will try to write more but maybe you can find me better at my FB Let’s Get Lost…

I’m an Alien !!!!! Finally

I remembered that i used to think that i am an alien or wished that i’m ..blamed all supernatural and Alien’ s movies i watched while growing up..hahaha…But who knows finally i becoming one ..legally an Alien in South Korea at least(should i feel good or bad about this?).

For foreigners who wish to live here more than tourist visa period allowed them to be which Malaysian up till 90 days… you need to apply for special visa as student or working..bla bla…long list of different visa… but once you entering Korea, within 90 days you need to register yourself as an Alien or should I say application for Alien card . Go to the nearest Immigration office in South Korea and follow this following steps:

1. Fill up the Alien Registration form with picture (here they need white background picture)

2. Passport/Visa

3. Pay registration fee 20,000 won

4. Enclosed your University acceptance letter or if you are working the letter from your company (i guess)

5. Wait for a month and you can either pick your card or they can send it by post

Hukssss…now you are officially an Alien in South Korea for next 6 month (duration given) …only 6 months? But i’m planning to be here more than that …and what should i do if i want to be back to Malaysia for a short while and back again to South Korea… I surfed around the internet and asked around but can’t find other Malaysian to asked..btw each country has different procedure depending on relationship with South Korea…but i still worried… so i just wait for 1 month to be back to Immigration Office and asked for sure:

1. Multiple entry (come and go and come again) within the period of your Alien card validity, you can freely go out from South Korea and back again without other application to fill up.

2. To extend your Alien validity period, you need to come again a month before the expiry date and request for extension. Your university need to issue another letter stating that you are going to continue studying for another semester.

huksss…there goes steps on how i becomed an Alien here in Korea!!! One more childhood’s dream fulfilled!!! Stamped.Image

Life as Yonsei University’s Student

I hate to study but I end up study a lot in my life… till now I can’t figure out the reason why but being a student giving me a sense of satisfaction and challenge my mind.. Maybe I like the atmosphere of being to school, knowing new people and learning something new. And most of the time, I’m not really a good student but somehow not too bad J.

And again I end up being a student again. Here at Yonsei University. To fulfil one of my dream to study overseas. Yahh.. It sounds lame …I don’t blame people for thinking that. And people will again think how lame I am when I told them that I applied non-paid leave for 10 months to learn Korean language at South Korea!!!  Well, I have a long list of reasons why I choose this decision which I don’t blame people for not able to accept it. I wish life can be easy by being understood and accepted by others but this is life!!! Nothing comes easy.

Ohh..ok..My university. Let me talk about the university and also the Korean language program here. Being here, I knew that I’m not the only one who decides to walk on this kind of road. Every semester, almost 400 students from all over the world registered. All leaving their home, family, friends, job and their country to be here.  Basically if you need to count more, Yonsei University not the only University offering Korean Language Program. But the best program was offered by Yonsei University and Sogang University (based on students opinion).   And for a simple reason, I choose Yonsei instead of Sogang University coz Yonsei University itself is among 3 most prestigious University in South Korea! Hahahha… at least I need to spend my money for something worth it.There are 6 levels that need to be through if you want to master Korean language and it takes around a year and a half to complete all levels. If you want to apply for Korean University for undergraduate or graduate study, completing until level 4 will be enough. Given that I can’t apply for more than a year leave, I’m planning to finish only 2 levels which if you ask either you can do it or not, yes it can be done coz some students only come for a semester only. And I have no reason to finish all level given my circumstances and objective of taking a time off this time around. And of course I can’t be a translator if you wonder.

If anybody interested to join this kind of program, you can just go to any university of your interest and apply for it. Once accepted, you will need to take a placement test to determine your language competency and which level you should start your class with. Mine, I managed to skip level 1 and directly start at level 2 (I wish I can skip this level too).  But somehow, after leaving language academy back in Malaysia for more than a year, what else can I expect. Students then will be assigned to a class based on their level and my class has 12 students. Mostly from China and Japan. Others from HK, Thailand, Uzbeskistan and me from Malaysia.

How I found my life as student after a week being one? Yups….i still hate the study part. Even though, the 4 hours class everyday quite interesting but we need to do homework everyday without fail!!! I can’t remember when the last time I have homework every single day. During primary school? Emhhh…I don’t think I experienced one!!!  And I’m going to hate exam..yes, that’s for sure. But somehow being forced to learn this way and talking only Korean in class and after class with my classmate, I wish I can improve my korean language efficiency faster during my stay here. Event it’s kinda hard now with all broken grammar and limited vocab, somehow we managed to communicate. Aghhhh….but today is the first time I’m having headache and my mind was exhausted after watching Korean movie!!! Not only me basically but my classmate too. Trying hard to follow and understand the dialogue was kinda hard still for us! But maybe for next movie, we can understand more.

Study always not a fun thing to talk about. But I will update more on other activities besides study that I may experience here. Ohhhh … I always told my Malaysian friends that you can find good looking and hot guys at University area but I’m wrong!! Not at my school…or maybe not yet to be found! But student here definitely has good brain!!! 🙂

Goshiwon/Gositel and Haksujib ???

Where are you staying in Seoul? People asking. It’s hard to explain especially when i told them that i’m now staying at goshiwon coz i believe we do not have that kind of long term rental place in Malaysia. Usually in Malaysia, student will stay at University dormitory, or rent a house with friends or rent a room with other tenant. But here, they have another type of accommodation called goshiwon/Gositel or Haksujib.

Goshiwon/Gositel or Haksujib is almost the same as dormitory but each person will be given a small room with basic necessity such us bed, study table, refrigerator, and if the price is higher, you will be given a bathroom, kitchen and sink, even washing machine which usually need to be shared, tv, internet etc . It sounds good but imagines that all of the items crammed inside a veryyyy small room!!! huhuhuhuh.. and do i tell you that the room has no window???aikssss ….once i enter the room, i don’t even know what happening outside or has idea either its day or night … and this type of room cost you around 300,000 won – 600,000 won (RM900 – RM1800) permonth. The difference between Goshiwon/gositel and haksujib is haksujib will provide you with at least 2 meals cook by Ahjumma running the place. You can find more info about type of accommodation in Seoul from this link

After a few days staying here, I realized that goshiwon is not the type of place i’m going to spend my life for another 9 months. I need to live with people, socialize …and i need more fresh air!!! and space…I am now searching for a house where i can rent a room and stay together with other tenant and have some interaction…i wish… and definitely it’s going to make the hole on my pocket getting bigger than its already is.

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