Seasons change …..Time Flies

I came here last summer

When i rode subway line 2 for a long ride

Girls gladly showing off their bare legs

And guys with 3/4 quarter pants

Everybody wearing lightly coz it was too hot …even hotter than my tropical country

And today i rode the same subway again

Hardly to see anybody bare their skin anymore

Stylish jacket, parka, boots wrapping for heat

It was late autumn already and winter is creeping

And suddenly i recalled my Korean teacher once said

Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Reminded her how fast time passing by

Coz somehow people tend to change accordingly

But living in tropical country, nothing change much but everyday routine

Now i’m here, i do understand her

Coz weirdly i can sense that time flies

And a goodbye will be soon

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보이지 않아도 ……Though can’t be seen

바람 ….wind
보이지 않아도 ….though can’t be seen
풀입을 흔들고 ….. moved grass

태풍 ….typhoon
보이지 않아도 ….though can’t be seen
나무를 흔들고 ….moved tree

너 ….You
보이지 않아도 ….though can’t be seen
나를 흔들고 ….moved me

보이지 않은 게 ….Things that can’t be seen
보이는 것보다 …..Compared to things that can be seen
힘이 더 세다 …has greater power

……..A poem quoted from subway……

A Secret about the Sea i Love …….


I love the sea for many reasons


Standing infront of open sea

Putting the real world behind me

When the blue color of the sea and sky becomes one

I swear that I vividly see you at the end of the horizon

And your voice calling my name can be heard in between the sound of the wind and seagulls


Among many, I love the sea because of this

Among many, this is a reason I rather keep

A reason I can’t tell other people when they asked me why I love the sea

2nd Half Review..My life at Seoul

I wish the keyboard can work buy themselves instead my fingers…or the computer can read my mind and translate it directly …yeah..i just lazy….after 5 months living here…well…

Still remember one of my friend told me that life at oversea is actually the same as you are living in Malaysia. yeahh….i do understand it now…you live your everyday life as eat, you go to school, done shopping etc..just the place is different. Do i really get used to my life here? kinda of. Have i done everything i wish to do here? I guess not. Too many thing i wish to do but yet .. Do i really enjoy my life here? half-half…And 5 months to go, i wonder what will happen… still many questions not answered.

But whatever it is…i just glad that i’m here.  i will try to write more but maybe you can find me better at my FB Let’s Get Lost…

I’m an Alien !!!!! Finally

I remembered that i used to think that i am an alien or wished that i’m ..blamed all supernatural and Alien’ s movies i watched while growing up..hahaha…But who knows finally i becoming one ..legally an Alien in South Korea at least(should i feel good or bad about this?).

For foreigners who wish to live here more than tourist visa period allowed them to be which Malaysian up till 90 days… you need to apply for special visa as student or working..bla bla…long list of different visa… but once you entering Korea, within 90 days you need to register yourself as an Alien or should I say application for Alien card . Go to the nearest Immigration office in South Korea and follow this following steps:

1. Fill up the Alien Registration form with picture (here they need white background picture)

2. Passport/Visa

3. Pay registration fee 20,000 won

4. Enclosed your University acceptance letter or if you are working the letter from your company (i guess)

5. Wait for a month and you can either pick your card or they can send it by post

Hukssss…now you are officially an Alien in South Korea for next 6 month (duration given) …only 6 months? But i’m planning to be here more than that …and what should i do if i want to be back to Malaysia for a short while and back again to South Korea… I surfed around the internet and asked around but can’t find other Malaysian to asked..btw each country has different procedure depending on relationship with South Korea…but i still worried… so i just wait for 1 month to be back to Immigration Office and asked for sure:

1. Multiple entry (come and go and come again) within the period of your Alien card validity, you can freely go out from South Korea and back again without other application to fill up.

2. To extend your Alien validity period, you need to come again a month before the expiry date and request for extension. Your university need to issue another letter stating that you are going to continue studying for another semester.

huksss…there goes steps on how i becomed an Alien here in Korea!!! One more childhood’s dream fulfilled!!! Stamped.Image

My First Step in Seoul

My first step in Seoul started with my early arrival at Incheon airport on 30th May 2013. Mingle around at the airport for internet connection. Sent messages to my family that i safely arrived. Took taxi to my pre-book goshiwon in considering i brought 3 heavy bags with me. Realized that my farther locked 1 of my bag but left the key at Malaysia. Paid 60,000 won for my taxi ride (~RM170)..yikessss…arrived in front of my goshiwon (in blur mode). Met a guy who also wanted to look for a room at the same goshiwon and i can say my first day was a lucky day for the next 10 hours.

Happened the guy i met was a fellow Malaysian. A chinese guy who also on his first day in Seoul. Has the same objective with me, taking a break from work while studying korean language and travelling. He enrols at Sogang University but mine at Yonsei University. Didn’t realized how bad my korean language had been after a year quitting the class, he helped a lot in our communication with the manager of the goshiwon who cannot speak english. He can leave after he saw the room as he was there to just look around but he stayed during the process of introduction and explaining by Goshiwon manager. And after that we decided to have lunch together, went to his university to open local bank account, went to immigration office to do our Alien Card Registration and later having our dinner.

I was blessed that my first day went easy with the help of my new friend. This is what I loved being out from my normal life, an encounter with someone new at foreign country definitely make you appreciate it more than usual and of course thankful. We may not meeting again but thank you!!!

Nervous? Yes I am. I ‘m not sure what is waiting for me for the next 10 months i’m here. As my class yet to start and I just staying at my room doing some revision..ahakss..and I’m too lazy to go out alone for sightseeing considering that I have a tight budget and I’ve been here in Seoul several times…  and hell I’m too bored…But I have nothing now except plenty of time!!! How irony when you keep telling that you are so busy with your life previously. hahaha… I guess spending time is the best I can do now!!!

For next 10 months, good or bad it will be…at the end I’m sure that I’m not going to regret this decision coz not doing this will be a greater regret for me. What important now is to do the best out of this opportunity. And excitedly waiting to experience this new life of mine. 2nd step, 3rd step and many more….

A Dream of Mine ….

It’s been a while since my last entry. Life has been hectic as it can be since end of last year. And in between, I keep wondering about my life ahead. It was a great life I had, Alhamdulillah. But looking back, i keep asking “what else?”. Not to be greedy wanting more than I supposed to have but to find and realised more from the opportunity given.

Still remembering myself living in my own world surrounded by books. Reading it I always dream that I’m the character in the book, doing everything I wish I can do..a princess that fall in love with a prince and live happily ever after, solving a mystery, travel around the world, rich and famous…. Oh, ya..not to forget that I want/wish that I’m an alien…Hahahha… I guess because of that I become a dreamer.

And growing up, people keep telling me that I need to dream high, dream big!!! If you want to climb a mountain at least it must be an Everest. But if I do not want to climb an Everest but other mountain, I always been told that I shouldn’t. And, foolish me think that is the right thing to do.

Getting old, I come to realized that dream big and high, it’s not everybody can realize it. It’s not that we are not supposed to dream big, but it’s depending on our capability and situation and what you want in life for a dream to be happen. And a dream that can be categorized as big in general, not always the same individually. For a person who was born without legs, climbing a small hill behind his house can be the biggest dream. And for me, as I have too many dream … I want to dream big by trying my best to realized as many small dreams I have in my list.

One of my dream since I knew that this world is quite big was to go to other places I’ve never been. As I live in tropical country, I wish I can experience 4 seasons. Been working for the past 10 years, i wish i can take a break. Doing whatever i done now, i wish i do something different.Living for 33 years as I am now, I wish I can find something new and challenge myself more.

Hence, giving a situation I am now, an opportunity that I have,blessing and sacrificing that people surround me giving, I pursuing one of my dream that may not big to others but too meaningful to me. Coz it’s not easy to realize it. Finally, I will be living away at other country, enough time to experience 4 seasons, and do things I loved to do.

Soon, very soon… Till we meet again Malaysia and Hai, South Korea!!!!!

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