Busker Busker Concert

I just back from Busker Busker concert!!! I had super duper fun!!! They are fantastic!!! When i had conversation with my foreigner friends who love korean music, nobody really listened to Busker Busker. hahaha… Busker Busker is an indie band who sing healing songs (my definition)…yups, they are not typical K-Pop idol who usually good looking, has nice body and can dance well. Busker Busker performed today with just simple t-shirt and no make-up..

I was  40 minutes late ..blamed myself who tried to look as pretty as i can and Olympic Park which located almost 1 hour away from Sinchon. But a concert that last 3 hours…i have no regret at all …and knowing that they are most probably not coming to Malaysia….worth my 100,000 won.

But based on my previous concert that i attended here in Seoul, i just found that something is slightly different with the audience. Many couples came to watch Busker Busker concert, no older generation, no foreigners (except me) and the organizer do not allowed us to take pictures even with our phone (never experience this). hehehehhe…

The last part of the concert, all of us are allowed to stand ( all seat is this concert is seated type)… everyone become so energetic and started to jump with them. hahahha… i just one awkward foreigner that find myself not able to do so…hahhaa…i’m not supposed to wear skirt and i swear that the floor was shaking hard when everybody keep jumping around like that… imagining my name will be out in Malaysia newspaper if the stadium happened to collapse…hukssss…not dare to be one.

I wish i can go to their concert again if they will have another before i leave.. Busker Busker rocks!!!



“I’m not going to Lee Seung Gi’s fan meeting coz i spent too much for Big Bang’s concert”. I told Julian when she asked me to go with her. Julian, Lee Seung Gi’s wife bought herself the VIP ticket that entitle her for fan signing and also group photo. And it was just a week after Big Bang’s concert happened. But half of me really want to see Lee Seung Gi in real life and the fan meeting actually added with mini concert. And half of me who are Lee Seung Gi’s nuna won the battle and bought myself the cheapest ticket!!!

I hate the venue of the fan meeting, and i hate the over loud sound system that hurted my eardrum and i hate  overprotective/strict organizer towards us the cheaper ticket holder but Lee Seung Gi’s smile make everybody or at least me forget about all the uncomfortable things happened that night. The smile boy really gave lots..lots of fan service that night. urgghhhhhh of course not to the backseat. Even the event quite small but lots of foreigner still attended the meeting and not to forget ahjummas (middle age fan). And he sang maybe 4-5 of his hit songs that night and everybody had fun as it was his concert. He really is a multitalented entertainer!!!! He can sing, can act, can be very funny, can emcee, and i guess anything!!!

We had memorable date with Lee Seung Gi that night especially to Lee Seung Gi’s wife as she managed to give his hubby a back hug!!!! Julian, ya…..better watch for the haters…hehehehe

Lee Seung Gi’s most popular song in his early year that still melt nuna’s heart

His performance during that night


Big Bang was here!!!!!! The biggest open concert held in Malaysia by K-Pop artist. 15,000 thousands Big Bang’s fans gathered at Stadium Merdeka on 27th October 2012 to watched this awesome band. Everybody were drenched under heavy rain before the concert start but luckily the rain stop right before the concert started. But hell, nobody moved!!!

Me? I’m not VIP (Big Bang fan club), but in the name of appreciating 5 awesome guys’s talent i was among the crowd!!! ya..ya..ya… don’t laugh at me.. :). Me and my buddy Grace arrived around 6.00 pm but the stadium already swarm with sea of fans. Poor management maybe, finding the entrance gate for our CAT 3 ticket already a hassle for us. Fighting to be inside the stadium is another story but Big Bang is living up their status as the best group ever!!! Performing their famous songs for almost 2 hours ..yes, it’s was a short one…Everybody had their fun last weekend and i guess it will remained the most talk concert for a long time.

No video or pictures during the show captured by me coz to find a space for my eyes to watch them performing was hard enough. But i’m glad others had and shared.

  Fancam during their Stupid Liar song’s. I guess this fan was at the same area with me but far nearer to the stage.

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 Pictures during the event

 To whom yet to know who are Big Bang.

My K-pop Talent Quest (MyKTQ) 2012

On my way to meet the girls for our meet up last Saturday at Farenheit , I accidentally found out that KTO organizing a contest so call My K-Pop Talent Quest. Lots of Malaysian youngsters showcased their talents related to K-Pop that day.

Final stage will be held later this month during Korea Day Exhibition.

Hahahha… suddenly I remember when I first got the Hallayu fever 3-4 years back, it’s rather an isolated disease back then. But now it’s a contagious!!! I’ve been listening to Psy’s songs 2-3 years back before he released the viral song “Oppa Gangnam Style” but heck I don’t dare to mention his name when others didn’t even know Super Junior, Big Bang or DBSK. While people goes crazy with this current phenomena, it’s more comfortable for me to watch from outside. To get excited all over again on the same issue, it’s not me.. 그냥 재미는 더 이상 없다!!!!!


Sunday is the day when i lazily stay at home or can i say on bed!!!! In normal situation, i will refuse to go out on Sunday …but Jung Il Woo is here!!!!

I met Julian at Berjaya Time Square around 10 am, collect our ticket from Jung Il Woo Fan Club Malaysia…breakfast, window shopping to kill time till around 1 pm when we joined the purple crowd to meet Mr Jung around 2.00 pm.

Heksss… when i saw the pictures taken by the fans, nothing do justice to his “beauty” in real life. BTW, my Sunday was a great one!!! As for now, after B2ST, u-kiss, Jay Park, 2PM , Kim Hyun Joong, nobody come close if we are talking about looks. Mr Jung, 너는 참 예뻐!!!! aishhhh … his skin is better than women…he is pretty … &*%^$#@#$%  -> planning to put a mask tonight!!!

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