Rain, My Toe …In Pain

September left with pains to bear..

Most article covered on the news that Rain was hospitalized with severe back pain… the condition is not that bad for him so that he can still continue his military service. But some speculate that this is a “stage” for an early discharge. huh…. personally i don’t think he will be that short minded to do that foolish act. But who knows?

But i can’t worry much about others as i hurt my own toe. Even it just 1 toe but i can’t freely put my foot in a covered shoe for 2 weeks already!!!!! Arghhhh …why it hurts so much, my heart??? My Toe??


Maybe it’s time to see another doctor ..yups


Till Next Time

Someone is leaving.. I hate to say Goodbye.. So, I guess ” Till next time”

Winter is creeping early .. it’s gonna be a very long and lonely one

그럼, 다음 시간까지 …잘 가요….안녕히 가세요

I want to be closer to Rain .. as nearer as i can

I guess everyone knew already that I’m among many who are K-Pop lover especially Rain. Reluctant to spend my money on my favorite artist and claimed to be “that extend of Fan”, it’s not true anymore. Yah, I guess people do change.

I’ve been to an extend of attending his concert in Seoul, once……

And thankful enough when he came to Malaysia….

And I am now having a restless night, wondering everyday about the possibility that I kept extra money in hidden places and forget about it or just simply money drop from the sky for this …

Aishhhh …

And it’s bothering me more that the fact this will be his last concert in 2 years. “Staring blankly on my empty saving account” , auchhh… my heart hurting.

Boldness… Leads me to Rain

I wish I can still be a small girl grew up in a large palm oil or rubber estate with a large community of our own. It took us 1 hour to be out to town, and it was just a small town which we don’t really want to go too. That is how “big” my world was. In this world I used to be a confident, bright, outspoken, strong and bold. But like in “Fringe”, me in the other world is opposite. Not until I found my other world. World full of Rain. “Boldness” is something I once again regained.

Ahaksss …Maybe it just an excuse for the ‘crazy’ things I did during the 2011 New Year. Bought myself Adieu Rain concert without my flight ticket, and booked my AirAsia ticket later around 3 weeks before the concert, and I flew to Seoul for a third time even I already bought myself a ticket to Seoul on April 2011 a few month back. Waiting for 2 hours in line in -12 degree winter on my first ever attempt to watch concert in a foreigner land…. 2 hours chatting with other fans who came from Japan, China and also Europe and most of them were much more older than me and they have been to all of the other concert held before, I’m not crazy!!!!

How you can buy your favorite K-pop artist concert held in South Korea.

1.Visit the artist official website and usually they will announce on how to buy it but it always in Korean, so I skipped this.
2.You can visit Interpark website, the online ticket website for foreigner to buy online ticket. I bought my concert ticket here. Register and you can start buying your ticket. The most important thing, it’s in English. http://ticket.interpark.com/Global/Index.asp
3.Or if you are a die hard fan, you can join the artist fan club website and some of the moderator even can make a group booking for you!!!

I didn’t take many pictures during the concert and left alone a good quality video as I was immerse listening and watching my favorite “Rain” on stage. And from the other “die hard” fan who used to go to “Rain” concert in their homeland, their comment was ” He express himself more here in Seoul”. Hence, I never regret this bold decision of mine.. never.