Shinkansen or Bullet Train to Hiroshima …… syuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My first time to experienced Japan Bullet Train was on my way to Hiroshima which took me 5 hours and 1 transfer. Without Bullet Train it will took you a day to travel to Hiroshima ( I heard from my Japanese friend)..hahahha.. Or you can fly.

Board your Shinkansen from Tokyo Station and change at Shin-Osaka (change platform) and board another Shinkansen to Hiroshima. Easy, fast, comfortable and at your own convenience as I not reserved my ticket beforehand (not holiday period), I can just hop and off at any time and sit anywhere within the unreserved coach.

I reached Hiroshima around 5.00 something in the afternoon. But as its winter, outside already dark like 8.00 pm. Compared to crowded and busy Tokyo, Hiroshima is very calmed. But in contrast, I had a hard time to find my way at first to Hiroshima Street Car. Hahahha….Yes, there are using electric train simillar to HK tram, roaming on the same road that other transportation such cars are using. After a help from a station staff, I managed to find it and I found out that my IC card is useless here. Another card is used and I just decided to use cash instead. Waiting for my number 2 Stretcar to my accommodation and a map of Hiroshima Stretcar, I boarded it and only to found out that I need to pay only when I get off at my station, fix price 220 yen 🙂 Learn and learn….

It was dark and not many people around at my get-off station. I circled around only to found out that I lost!!! The map or me the one who can’t read it well, I gave up and asked an auntie who happened to passed by. She who can speak a decent english helped me to find the Japanese Style small hotel and only left when we found it at last. I was thankful to her and before she left she wished that I had a great time travelling at Hiroshima!!!! huhuhuhuh….Arigato hozaimaseu

Today must be a day for small and continues problems to happen…hahahahahah….when I arrived at the Japanese style hostel, the owner can’t find my booking and I need to wait. I’m quite nervous and worried but everything was settled later. The kind lady or I can called her grandma showed me my room which I super love…..tired and cold, I just decided to stay in and wake up early for my trip with Natsuki.

Meet Natsuki at Hiroshima station where Natsuki arrived early from her house 1 hour away from Hiroshima city… we took the JRline to Miyajima Island. Being one of Japan’s three most scenic spots and UNESCO, I was thrilled. You can used your JR Pass card to ride a boat but I opt and pay another 2000 yen for 2 days pass that included ferry, cable car and also streetcar usage . We were welcomed by deer, yes a real deer and magnificent view of red coloured O-ttori gate. After a tour at Itsukushima Shrine, we headed to ropeway/cable car to Mt Misen and our hiking was begin. We ate at Machiya Street and back to Hroshima City.

Hiroshima city was calmed and peaceful compared to Tokyo. Beautiful bridge and river cross the city. Without the historic dome left carried the sad and painful Hiroshima Atom story in the middle of the city. Nobody will ever imagined that this beautiful city was involved in first ever atom war. Visit the Hiroshima Museum for better knowledge about what happened on that day. We ended our day with Hiroshima Okonomiyaki style at Hiroshima station.

The next day before I left Hiroshima to Kyoto, I paid a visit to Hiroshima castle to end my visit.

Hiroshima Tour Website :


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