One Confused Foreigner Getting Used to Tokyo Subway

Taxi is out of question coz its super expensive and i’m alone. If you do not have any confidence to move around by subway in Tokyo, you also can opt for Tokyo Sky Hop and Off bus to travel to any tourist spot in Tokyo. They offer 1 day pass and 2 day pass with several route you can choose. Check their website.

As Tokyo has around 10 million population and subway is the main public transportation which tend to be super crowded, I opt for IC card. A transportation card which you can top-up and use to skip the hassle of needing to buy a ticket before departing. This card can be used with any subway lines in Tokyo which been operated by several different companies. It also can be used at Kyoto and Osaka but not at Hiroshima (based on my experienced).

The normal ticket
IC card. Mine is PASMO. Other cards also available but all can be used on the same IC slot machine.
Top-up machine

Reading the Tokyo subway map already gave me a headache and finding out the available, the fastest and the cheapest route to commute is out of question. So, I prepared myself beforehand with the how to go to each locations using navitravel (This application can’t be used offline – if i’m not mistaken and its hard to find free wifi in Tokyo). To go to 1 location which required 2 or 3 transfer will cost around 160 yen, so basically I used not more than 800 yen a day for transportation to go to 3-4 attractions a day. And sometimes you can just walk in between locations. So, prepare your comfortable walking shoes and walk alot!!!

Tokyo subway map

After the second day, I had confidence to move around using Tokyo subway. Although it can be really crowded and confusing with several difference trains bound to different places using the same track and platform, take your time to re-confirmed the right train with the digital information panel. And travelling is all about being prepared to be lost and learned. Or why don’t asking Tokyo people to re-confirmed. Believe me, they will help!!!!

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