JR Pass

I thought I can just buy the JR Pass online and print out the copy of the ticket and exchange it to the real pass once I reach Japan. That was what I believe and knew based on my reading. But I just realised a few days before I left that I can buy it online but it need to be post to me which my departure date is too near and it can’t be done…aiksssss… My nervous mode is activated!!!!

But once I read carefully again..really carefully … I can also buy it from appointed travel agency. As i’m in Seoul, I just went to the most well known travel agency in Korea which is Hana Tour and their branch is in Itaewon. I went there on Monday and thanks to God that I managed to secured my JR Pass and as I went to branch office, I need to pick up on Wednesday, just enough time before I left to Incheon Airport on Wednesday night.

Once you arrived in Japan, you can exchange your JR Pass with a real one at any JR office. I exchanged mine at Tokyo Station as I only going to used mine on my first location which is Hiroshima. After filing up a form and show your passport and stated the first date you are going to used it, tadaaaa… you will receive your valid JR Pass which you can use for all Shinkansen except Nozomi or certain route of Shinkansen, JR subway, JR Bus or JR Ferry unlimited during your chosen period.

JR website : http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/suica-nex/index.html

JR Pass Exchange Order received from Tour Agency
JR Pass received after exchange it at JR Pass office in Japan

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