Sleeping in the Incheon Airport for Japan Trip

Japan Trip really cost me a lot..transportation for bullet train (JR Pass) already cost me around RM1K ..not included normal subway, accommodation and food, etc for 11 days. Maybe i will covering not only Tokyo but Hiroshima, Kyoto and Osaka plus additional places like Nikko and Nara.. huhuhuhuh..I can’t afford to hail a taxi or rent a room nearby Incheon Airport for my early flight to Narita Tokyo.

After Google around, i found that Incheon is among the best airport to sleep. So, for the first time, i just want to give a try!! And here i am with lots of time to kill ..enough for me to post again after a long time.

There are lots of places to rest before your flight and they also provide a Rest & Relax area at 4F, East and West Terminal. If you just  want to connect to internet and charging your device, the whole airport has free Wifi and you can find many charging places. In case you are hungry, 24 hour Fast Food also here. Or you want to watch TV, at arrival hall has many.

You can check more facilities provided by the airport from their website. And here i am, with my half closed eyes will soon biding goodbye to Seoul and Hai to Japan for next 11 days!!!

Charging my laptop…how i love this facilities…
Heavy snow since last night that caused our morning flight to be delayed for 2 hours…aikssss

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