Busker Busker Concert

I just back from Busker Busker concert!!! I had super duper fun!!! They are fantastic!!! When i had conversation with my foreigner friends who love korean music, nobody really listened to Busker Busker. hahaha… Busker Busker is an indie band who sing healing songs (my definition)…yups, they are not typical K-Pop idol who usually good looking, has nice body and can dance well. Busker Busker performed today with just simple t-shirt and no make-up..

I was  40 minutes late ..blamed myself who tried to look as pretty as i can and Olympic Park which located almost 1 hour away from Sinchon. But a concert that last 3 hours…i have no regret at all …and knowing that they are most probably not coming to Malaysia….worth my 100,000 won.

But based on my previous concert that i attended here in Seoul, i just found that something is slightly different with the audience. Many couples came to watch Busker Busker concert, no older generation, no foreigners (except me) and the organizer do not allowed us to take pictures even with our phone (never experience this). hehehehhe…

The last part of the concert, all of us are allowed to stand ( all seat is this concert is seated type)… everyone become so energetic and started to jump with them. hahahha… i just one awkward foreigner that find myself not able to do so…hahhaa…i’m not supposed to wear skirt and i swear that the floor was shaking hard when everybody keep jumping around like that… imagining my name will be out in Malaysia newspaper if the stadium happened to collapse…hukssss…not dare to be one.

I wish i can go to their concert again if they will have another before i leave.. Busker Busker rocks!!!

2 thoughts on “Busker Busker Concert

  1. im just 17 and currently taking spm papers.
    planning to continue my diploma or degree at yonsei university one day 🙂
    glad to hear that you are from Malaysia.

    (btw im a fan of busker busker too) ^___^

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