2nd Half Review..My life in Seoul

I wish the keyboard can work buy themselves instead my fingers…or the computer can read my mind and translate it directly …yeah..i just lazy….after 5 months living here…well…

Still remember one of my friend told me that life at oversea is actually the same as you are living in Malaysia. yeahh….i do understand it now…you live your everyday life as usual..you eat, you go to school, done shopping etc..just the place is different. Do i really get used to my life here? kinda of. Have i done everything i wish to do here? I guess not. Too many thing i wish to do but yet .. Do i really enjoy my life here? half-half…And 5 months to go, i wonder what will happen… still many questions not answered.

But whatever it is…i just glad that i’m here.  i will try to write more but maybe you can find me better at my FB Let’s Get Lost…

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