Goshiwon/Gositel and Haksujib ???

Where are you staying in Seoul? People asking. It’s hard to explain especially when i told them that i’m now staying at goshiwon coz i believe we do not have that kind of long term rental place in Malaysia. Usually in Malaysia, student will stay at University dormitory, or rent a house with friends or rent a room with other tenant. But here, they have another type of accommodation called goshiwon/Gositel or Haksujib.

Goshiwon/Gositel or Haksujib is almost the same as dormitory but each person will be given a small room with basic necessity such us bed, study table, refrigerator, and if the price is higher, you will be given a bathroom, kitchen and sink, even washing machine which usually need to be shared, tv, internet etc . It sounds good but imagines that all of the items crammed inside a veryyyy small room!!! huhuhuhuh.. and do i tell you that the room has no window???aikssss ….once i enter the room, i don’t even know what happening outside or has idea either its day or night … and this type of room cost you around 300,000 won – 600,000 won (RM900 – RM1800) permonth. The difference between Goshiwon/gositel and haksujib is haksujib will provide you with at least 2 meals cook by Ahjumma running the place. You can find more info about type of accommodation in Seoul from this link http://www.exploringkorea.com/goshiwon-hasuk-jip-and-one-rooms-in-korea/

After a few days staying here, I realized that goshiwon is not the type of place i’m going to spend my life for another 9 months. I need to live with people, socialize …and i need more fresh air!!! and space…I am now searching for a house where i can rent a room and stay together with other tenant and have some interaction…i wish… and definitely it’s going to make the hole on my pocket getting bigger than its already is.

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