My First Step in Seoul

My first step in Seoul started with my early arrival at Incheon airport on 30th May 2013. Mingle around at the airport for internet connection. Sent messages to my family that i safely arrived. Took taxi to my pre-book goshiwon in considering i brought 3 heavy bags with me. Realized that my farther locked 1 of my bag but left the key at Malaysia. Paid 60,000 won for my taxi ride (~RM170)..yikessss…arrived in front of my goshiwon (in blur mode). Met a guy who also wanted to look for a room at the same goshiwon and i can say my first day was a lucky day for the next 10 hours.

Happened the guy i met was a fellow Malaysian. A chinese guy who also on his first day in Seoul. Has the same objective with me, taking a break from work while studying korean language and travelling. He enrols at Sogang University but mine at Yonsei University. Didn’t realized how bad my korean language had been after a year quitting the class, he helped a lot in our communication with the manager of the goshiwon who cannot speak english. He can leave after he saw the room as he was there to just look around but he stayed during the process of introduction and explaining by Goshiwon manager. And after that we decided to have lunch together, went to his university to open local bank account, went to immigration office to do our Alien Card Registration and later having our dinner.

I was blessed that my first day went easy with the help of my new friend. This is what I loved being out from my normal life, an encounter with someone new at foreign country definitely make you appreciate it more than usual and of course thankful. We may not meeting again but thank you!!!

Nervous? Yes I am. I ‘m not sure what is waiting for me for the next 10 months i’m here. As my class yet to start and I just staying at my room doing some revision..ahakss..and I’m too lazy to go out alone for sightseeing considering that I have a tight budget and I’ve been here in Seoul several times…  and hell I’m too bored…But I have nothing now except plenty of time!!! How irony when you keep telling that you are so busy with your life previously. hahaha… I guess spending time is the best I can do now!!!

For next 10 months, good or bad it will be…at the end I’m sure that I’m not going to regret this decision coz not doing this will be a greater regret for me. What important now is to do the best out of this opportunity. And excitedly waiting to experience this new life of mine. 2nd step, 3rd step and many more….

One thought on “My First Step in Seoul

  1. Gosh, I wish i have your courage. I’ve been to seoul a few times, and planning to go again in a very near future. I love this place, but I never dare to think of leaving my 9 to 5 job (even I know how hate it most of the times) just to live in a foreign country. Good luck with your choice. Smile.

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