A Dream of Mine ….

It’s been a while since my last entry. Life has been hectic as it can be since end of last year. And in between, I keep wondering about my life ahead. It was a great life I had, Alhamdulillah. But looking back, i keep asking “what else?”. Not to be greedy wanting more than I supposed to have but to find and realised more from the opportunity given.

Still remembering myself living in my own world surrounded by books. Reading it I always dream that I’m the character in the book, doing everything I wish I can do..a princess that fall in love with a prince and live happily ever after, solving a mystery, travel around the world, rich and famous…. Oh, ya..not to forget that I want/wish that I’m an alien…Hahahha… I guess because of that I become a dreamer.

And growing up, people keep telling me that I need to dream high, dream big!!! If you want to climb a mountain at least it must be an Everest. But if I do not want to climb an Everest but other mountain, I always been told that I shouldn’t. And, foolish me think that is the right thing to do.

Getting old, I come to realized that dream big and high, it’s not everybody can realize it. It’s not that we are not supposed to dream big, but it’s depending on our capability and situation and what you want in life for a dream to be happen. And a dream that can be categorized as big in general, not always the same individually. For a person who was born without legs, climbing a small hill behind his house can be the biggest dream. And for me, as I have too many dream … I want to dream big by trying my best to realized as many small dreams I have in my list.

One of my dream since I knew that this world is quite big was to go to other places I’ve never been. As I live in tropical country, I wish I can experience 4 seasons. Been working for the past 10 years, i wish i can take a break. Doing whatever i done now, i wish i do something different.Living for 33 years as I am now, I wish I can find something new and challenge myself more.

Hence, giving a situation I am now, an opportunity that I have,blessing and sacrificing that people surround me giving, I pursuing one of my dream that may not big to others but too meaningful to me. Coz it’s not easy to realize it. Finally, I will be living away at other country, enough time to experience 4 seasons, and do things I loved to do.

Soon, very soon… Till we meet again Malaysia and Hai, South Korea!!!!!

Collage 2013-05-09 00_24_00

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