“I’m not going to Lee Seung Gi’s fan meeting coz i spent too much for Big Bang’s concert”. I told Julian when she asked me to go with her. Julian, Lee Seung Gi’s wife bought herself the VIP ticket that entitle her for fan signing and also group photo. And it was just a week after Big Bang’s concert happened. But half of me really want to see Lee Seung Gi in real life and the fan meeting actually added with mini concert. And half of me who are Lee Seung Gi’s nuna won the battle and bought myself the cheapest ticket!!!

I hate the venue of the fan meeting, and i hate the over loud sound system that hurted my eardrum and i hate  overprotective/strict organizer towards us the cheaper ticket holder but Lee Seung Gi’s smile make everybody or at least me forget about all the uncomfortable things happened that night. The smile boy really gave lots..lots of fan service that night. urgghhhhhh of course not to the backseat. Even the event quite small but lots of foreigner still attended the meeting and not to forget ahjummas (middle age fan). And he sang maybe 4-5 of his hit songs that night and everybody had fun as it was his concert. He really is a multitalented entertainer!!!! He can sing, can act, can be very funny, can emcee, and i guess anything!!!

We had memorable date with Lee Seung Gi that night especially to Lee Seung Gi’s wife as she managed to give his hubby a back hug!!!! Julian, ya…..better watch for the haters…hehehehe

Lee Seung Gi’s most popular song in his early year that still melt nuna’s heart

His performance during that night

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