My K-pop Talent Quest (MyKTQ) 2012

On my way to meet the girls for our meet up last Saturday at Farenheit , I accidentally found out that KTO organizing a contest so call My K-Pop Talent Quest. Lots of Malaysian youngsters showcased their talents related to K-Pop that day.

Final stage will be held later this month during Korea Day Exhibition.

Hahahha… suddenly I remember when I first got the Hallayu fever 3-4 years back, it’s rather an isolated disease back then. But now it’s a contagious!!! I’ve been listening to Psy’s songs 2-3 years back before he released the viral song “Oppa Gangnam Style” but heck I don’t dare to mention his name when others didn’t even know Super Junior, Big Bang or DBSK. While people goes crazy with this current phenomena, it’s more comfortable for me to watch from outside. To get excited all over again on the same issue, it’s not me.. 그냥 재미는 더 이상 없다!!!!!

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