Days with Do Kyung : Snow Slide

We went out for our tour quite late today, lazily having our breakfast prepared by lovely Do Kyung. Today is the day where both of us will be kids again. With a bright smile like a student went to school trip, i tried Snow Slide!!!! Finally!!!!

Ahaks .. the first we noticed as we grab our tube that  both of us were surrounded by kindergarten kids plus 4-5 teacher. We are the only adults who are eager to be in queue using the escalator to be up at the starting point. Basically the snow slide range was fully occupied by them.

Damn, i chicken out when it’s my turn to slide. Seems like the tube can turn around along the way down and zushhhh too fast. But the kids in-front of me was smiling and i can hear him screamed “It’s fun!!” when he slide down. How should i stop when it reached down? What will happen if i fell? But i guess it’s true that fear is when you doesn’t know. But after the first try, knowing that even when the tube turned will not going to caused me any harmed and to lower my feet as a brake when we almost reached the end lead me to another 10 tries!! I’m loving it!!!

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