Days with Do Kyung 2

After almost 2 hours playing,we left for our lunch. Both of us had no idea to where else we should spent our time, hence Do Kyung drove quite far from downtown to somewhere i totally forgot the name.Do Kyung told me that this place actually a pension town with beautiful western banglow. Pension is a term use for accommodation in South Korea and Japan for a guesthouse which usually a banglow/Hanok style house that people can rent the whole place. On the way to that place, we had our lunch at a nice Hanok style restaurant in the middle of nowhere, uhukss.. we are actually driving towards countryside where nothing around us except wide verse of farms. But expect nothing but the best outcome from something you never expected. The korean food served here is so classic!!! The ingredients used are high in quality. I bet normal restaurant will never served their food with that excellent ingredient. I end up with my favourite “Gajang Geejang” or raw crab marinated in soy sauce with a special rice.

We left the restaurant after a long break and arrived at the pension town around 30 minutes later. Usually if we are talking about pension it will consist one banglow managed by individual but this place really a town!!! I think more than 20 banglows with different themes was there. Fully equip with mini mart, sports area and etc. This is DAEBAK!!!! So beautiful and each banglow has their own swimming pool and barbecue area!!! it felt like walking down the road of Beverly Hills. I’m nowhere ether at Malaysia or South Korea.hahaha we rent a tricycle touring the town and imagining ourselves owning the houses 🙂 Anyway, it’s a perfect gate away for big family or group to be together during holiday.

Do Kyung would like to show me another amazing place called Jebu island. This island can be reach by road built in the middle of the sea .. it looks like a road rather than a bridge. However, you can cross the road only during low tide. When we reached there late afternoon, it was high tide and we can only saw half of the road which now hidden under the sea. Ughhh .. what happen if we are in the middle of the journey when the tide coming???? There must be some prevention done as i saw the main gate to the road was closed and guided by army!!!

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After a quick shopping later that night and few hours sleep, we left around 4.30 am to catch my early flight back to Malaysia. Do Kyung ahhh … Komawo!!!! saranghae!!!! till we meet again !!! sob..sob…sob


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