Days with Do Kyung at Ansan

Through Miss Han, i got to know Do Kyung. A korean friend who is 3 years younger than me and still studying to get her PHD at Hanyang University. She is a bubbly girl and love to made friends. Her long list friends from Malaysia, not a joke!!!

My second trip to Ansan, which around 1 hour away from Seoul by bus was the longest stay i had with her. This time from Gangneung, i took a bus to Ansan to spend my 2 days with her before i depart to Malaysia. That is how i get to know Ansan and experienced winter activities.

As i was roaming Ansan with a travel guide, i let my guard down and the results, i can’t remember the name most of places i went!!! So,forgive me…  🙂

Ido Wharf and Bundle of seafood                                                                                        Do kyung was hungry  after finishing her days and later pick me up at Ansan bus station. So, she drove us to Ido (If i’m not mistaken) to have our dinner. The place we went was full with several buildings turned to be seafood restaurants. With beautiful lights and the worker trying to get the customers attention outside the shop, brighten my smile. i smell fresh seafood!!! Do Kyung insist to find the shop that she used to go and i bet she has her own reason for that. And later we was inside a small restaurant and Do Kyung start making her order. A big bowl of mix clams for grill and later will be accompanied by Kalguksu or noodle in seafood broth!!! wallalala..heaven!!! We ate like nobody business. As i can’t consume alcohol we both had our soda and dinner party korean style almost complete and later norebang for final course!!!

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Buzzling Night at Ansan Downtown                                                                                     After the fulfilling dinner we drove back to Ansan downtown. The place was pack with youngsters. As most of the korean students finish their study routine quite late at night, i can see them everywhere having dinner, hanging out with friends and like us settling down having coffee at a super duper cute coffee shop. I sometimes amazed to see how different coffee shop can be found at South korea. This time we end up at a very creative shop where we can choose our own covered private space with different themes. We choosed a pink girlie room to have our coffee while having our special coffee. I bet you never tasted coffee with sweet potato flavor right??

It was quite late at night, almost 2 am when we end our day singing our heart out at Norebang or karaoke. Do Kyung doesn’t like dance group which i crazy but more towards jazz music. I less prefer women singer but Do Kyung love them. But we end up love this one song by Noel, I miss you which we sang countless time for the whole 2 days.

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