Sunday is the day when i lazily stay at home or can i say on bed!!!! In normal situation, i will refuse to go out on Sunday …but Jung Il Woo is here!!!!

I met Julian at Berjaya Time Square around 10 am, collect our ticket from Jung Il Woo Fan Club Malaysia…breakfast, window shopping to kill time till around 1 pm when we joined the purple crowd to meet Mr Jung around 2.00 pm.

Heksss… when i saw the pictures taken by the fans, nothing do justice to his “beauty” in real life. BTW, my Sunday was a great one!!! As for now, after B2ST, u-kiss, Jay Park, 2PM , Kim Hyun Joong, nobody come close if we are talking about looks. Mr Jung, 너는 참 예뻐!!!! aishhhh … his skin is better than women…he is pretty … &*%^$#@#$%  -> planning to put a mask tonight!!!

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Introduction to WWOOF Program

I’ve been following Budget Travel Korea Blog for a while now. From her blog i found about WWOOF Program which open up a new adventure in   my life.

WWOOF stand for Worldwide Opportunity on Organic Farms operated at 99 countries as for now. WWOOFing aims to provide volunteers with first-hand experience in organic and ecologically sound growing methods, to help the organic movement, and to let volunteers experience life in a rural setting or a different country. WWOOF volunteers (‘WWOOFers’) generally do not receive financial payment. The host provides foodaccommodation, and opportunities to learn, in exchange for assistance with farming or gardening activities.

For me, i can classified it as “Working Holiday”. Sound good for me as i can mingle with the locals, learn more on their life, language, culture and etc.

How to be in WWOOF Program? 

As there are no single organization that control all WWOOF program in each country, you need to register at your preferred WWOOF country. And as for me WWOOF Korea. Fill up a form and pay around 80,000 won (i skip the host book) or around RM250 you will entitle to use the service and start the program for a year. Check this link for more info

After your registration been approved, you will get your id to login the website and start searching for your host. Oh, ya… you need to familiar with this 2 terms, Host and WWOOFer. Host is the family,a person who will host you at their farm. and WWOOFer is you who register to this program.. ahaksss. You can access to all available list of Hosts and start listing out your favourite or wish to stay with based on information given. I basically choose mine based on location,  type of farm and other info that related to sensitivity of religion. such as? if the host own a pig as example, big NO. Send your several choice with date you wish to stay, the organizer will arrange it with the host and find either your chosen hosts are available to accept you.

And my advice to traveller who have this program in mind, you need to have open mind and heart without loosing your belief . It’s a mutual program where both the WWOOFer and Host learn and teach about their own differences. You can’t expect everything goes like you expected it to be. If you can’t do that much, this is not your plate of food.

Korea’s 99 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions

KTO released 99 a must place to visit at South Korea in their website. Have you been to most of the places? Mine …

☞ Attractions by region – Seoul: Gyeongbokgung PalaceGyeonghuigung PalaceDeoksugung PalaceChangdeokgung Palace and HuwonChanggyeonggung PalaceInsa-dongN Seoul TowerThe National Museum of Korea   * i’ve been to most of the places

– Busan: Haeundae Beach  * I was here!!!

– Daegu: Geundaegolmok (Mordern street)   * Not Yet

– Incheon: Incheon China Town, Ganghwa Janghwari mudflat, Baengnyeongdo Island   * Not Yet

– Gwangju: Mudeungsan Provincial Park  * Not Yet but in my plan

– Ulsan: Ulju Daegok-ri Bangudae Petroglyphs   * Not Yet

– Gyeonggi-do: Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Guri Donggureung, Paju ImjingakAnseong Namsadang Baudeogi Saturday Performances, Gwangju Namhansanseong Provincial Park, Pocheon Korea National Arboretum and Forest Museum, Pocheon Sanjeong Lake, Yeoju Yeongneung / Nyeongneung, Yangpyeong Dumulmeori and Zelkova trees  * At least i’ve been to Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. Beautiful!!!!

– Gangwon-do: Namiseom Island, Gangneung Jeongdongjin Sunrise Park, Gangneung Daegwallyeong Yetgil (Old Street), Donghae Mangsang Auto Camping Park, DonghaeChuam Beach, Taebaeksan Cheonjedan Alter, Samcheok Hwanseongul Cave, Yeongwol Donggang River, Pyeongchang Woljeongsa Temple fir tree-lined street, Jeongseon 5-day market, Cheorwon DMZ, Goseong Unification Observatory, Inje Naerincheon Valley, Seolaksan Gwongeumseong Fortress * I went to Namiseom and Ganneung already!!! Fantastic!! Taebaksan and Donghae are in my next list. I plan to climb Taebaksan during winter… Insyaallah

– Chungcheongbuk-do: Chungjuho Lake, Chungbuk Beopjusa Temple, Cheongwon Cheongnamdae Presidential Villa, Goesan Hwayang Valley, Dannyang Dodamsambong Peaks * Not even set foot on this region yet

– Chungcheongnam-do: Cheonan The Independence Hall of Korea, Gongju Songsan-ri Tombs and Royal Tomb of King MuryeongDaecheon Beach, Seosan Rock-carved Buddha, Busosanseong Fortress of Buyeo, Geumgang Hagueon, Taean Cheollipo Arboretum, Taean Anmyeon-do Kkotji Beach  * This region too ..not yet

– Jeollabuk-do: Jeonju Hanok Village, Gunsan Seonyudo Island, Jeongeup Naejangsa Temple, Namwon Gwanghalluwon Garden, Gimje horizon, Wanju Daedunsan Provincial Park, Jinan Maisan Provincial Park, Muju Deogyusan Hyangjeokbong Peak, Gochang Seonunsa Temple, BuanChaeseokgang Cliffs  * I went to this region for my WWoof program. But somewhere at a small town in this region.

– Jeollanam-do: Yeosu Geomundo Island, Suncheon Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park (Field of Reeds), Gwangyang Seomjingang Maehwa Village, Damyang Soswaewon Garden, Goheung Naro-do Isalnd, Boseong Daehan Dawon Tourist Tea Plantation (Boseong Green Tea Plantation)Hwasun Dolmen Site, Gangjin Dasan Chodang, Haenam Galdumaeul Village (Ttangkkeunmaeul), Muan Hoesan Byeongnyeonji Lake, Wando Bogil-do Seyeonjeong Pavilion, Wando Cheongsando Island, JindoUllimsanbang House , Sinan Hongdo Island, Sinan Jeungdo Island  * Not yet but i wish i can. Seafood is the best here!!

– Jeju-do: Udo Maritime ParkGeomunoreum, Hallasan Baengnokdam Lake, Olle-gil Walking Path  * I’ve been at Udo and some of the course for Olle-Gil Walking Path. My next trip is to cover the whole courses of Olle-Gil which require 2 weeks at least and will cover the whole island. Soon, Insyaallah.


SMS from Julian ” Hurry up, today is the last day.. send them an email for a chance to meet Jung Il Woo”

— On Thu, 9/13/12, Malaysia Jung Il Woo <> wrote:

From: Malaysia Jung Il Woo <>
Subject: Re: Request for a chance to meet Jung Il Woo
To: “RuSiHa aBd. rAsId” <>
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2012, 8:49 AM

Hi there,

Thank you for your email and I am pleased to inform you that you are entitled for ONE ticket for Jung Il Woo Holika Holika event.
We will send another email out for the ticket collection.
Thank you and have a good day! ^^
Warmest Regards,
Jung Il Woo Malaysia Admin

Kiyaaaaaa…….I’m Happy …..We are going to meet Mr Jung ….

Annyeong!!!!! ppuing..ppuing!!

Days with Do Kyung 2

After almost 2 hours playing,we left for our lunch. Both of us had no idea to where else we should spent our time, hence Do Kyung drove quite far from downtown to somewhere i totally forgot the name.Do Kyung told me that this place actually a pension town with beautiful western banglow. Pension is a term use for accommodation in South Korea and Japan for a guesthouse which usually a banglow/Hanok style house that people can rent the whole place. On the way to that place, we had our lunch at a nice Hanok style restaurant in the middle of nowhere, uhukss.. we are actually driving towards countryside where nothing around us except wide verse of farms. But expect nothing but the best outcome from something you never expected. The korean food served here is so classic!!! The ingredients used are high in quality. I bet normal restaurant will never served their food with that excellent ingredient. I end up with my favourite “Gajang Geejang” or raw crab marinated in soy sauce with a special rice.

We left the restaurant after a long break and arrived at the pension town around 30 minutes later. Usually if we are talking about pension it will consist one banglow managed by individual but this place really a town!!! I think more than 20 banglows with different themes was there. Fully equip with mini mart, sports area and etc. This is DAEBAK!!!! So beautiful and each banglow has their own swimming pool and barbecue area!!! it felt like walking down the road of Beverly Hills. I’m nowhere ether at Malaysia or South Korea.hahaha we rent a tricycle touring the town and imagining ourselves owning the houses 🙂 Anyway, it’s a perfect gate away for big family or group to be together during holiday.

Do Kyung would like to show me another amazing place called Jebu island. This island can be reach by road built in the middle of the sea .. it looks like a road rather than a bridge. However, you can cross the road only during low tide. When we reached there late afternoon, it was high tide and we can only saw half of the road which now hidden under the sea. Ughhh .. what happen if we are in the middle of the journey when the tide coming???? There must be some prevention done as i saw the main gate to the road was closed and guided by army!!!

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After a quick shopping later that night and few hours sleep, we left around 4.30 am to catch my early flight back to Malaysia. Do Kyung ahhh … Komawo!!!! saranghae!!!! till we meet again !!! sob..sob…sob

Days with Do Kyung : Snow Slide

We went out for our tour quite late today, lazily having our breakfast prepared by lovely Do Kyung. Today is the day where both of us will be kids again. With a bright smile like a student went to school trip, i tried Snow Slide!!!! Finally!!!!

Ahaks .. the first we noticed as we grab our tube that  both of us were surrounded by kindergarten kids plus 4-5 teacher. We are the only adults who are eager to be in queue using the escalator to be up at the starting point. Basically the snow slide range was fully occupied by them.

Damn, i chicken out when it’s my turn to slide. Seems like the tube can turn around along the way down and zushhhh too fast. But the kids in-front of me was smiling and i can hear him screamed “It’s fun!!” when he slide down. How should i stop when it reached down? What will happen if i fell? But i guess it’s true that fear is when you doesn’t know. But after the first try, knowing that even when the tube turned will not going to caused me any harmed and to lower my feet as a brake when we almost reached the end lead me to another 10 tries!! I’m loving it!!!

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Days with Do Kyung at Ansan

Through Miss Han, i got to know Do Kyung. A korean friend who is 3 years younger than me and still studying to get her PHD at Hanyang University. She is a bubbly girl and love to made friends. Her long list friends from Malaysia, not a joke!!!

My second trip to Ansan, which around 1 hour away from Seoul by bus was the longest stay i had with her. This time from Gangneung, i took a bus to Ansan to spend my 2 days with her before i depart to Malaysia. That is how i get to know Ansan and experienced winter activities.

As i was roaming Ansan with a travel guide, i let my guard down and the results, i can’t remember the name most of places i went!!! So,forgive me…  🙂

Ido Wharf and Bundle of seafood                                                                                        Do kyung was hungry  after finishing her days and later pick me up at Ansan bus station. So, she drove us to Ido (If i’m not mistaken) to have our dinner. The place we went was full with several buildings turned to be seafood restaurants. With beautiful lights and the worker trying to get the customers attention outside the shop, brighten my smile. i smell fresh seafood!!! Do Kyung insist to find the shop that she used to go and i bet she has her own reason for that. And later we was inside a small restaurant and Do Kyung start making her order. A big bowl of mix clams for grill and later will be accompanied by Kalguksu or noodle in seafood broth!!! wallalala..heaven!!! We ate like nobody business. As i can’t consume alcohol we both had our soda and dinner party korean style almost complete and later norebang for final course!!!

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Buzzling Night at Ansan Downtown                                                                                     After the fulfilling dinner we drove back to Ansan downtown. The place was pack with youngsters. As most of the korean students finish their study routine quite late at night, i can see them everywhere having dinner, hanging out with friends and like us settling down having coffee at a super duper cute coffee shop. I sometimes amazed to see how different coffee shop can be found at South korea. This time we end up at a very creative shop where we can choose our own covered private space with different themes. We choosed a pink girlie room to have our coffee while having our special coffee. I bet you never tasted coffee with sweet potato flavor right??

It was quite late at night, almost 2 am when we end our day singing our heart out at Norebang or karaoke. Do Kyung doesn’t like dance group which i crazy but more towards jazz music. I less prefer women singer but Do Kyung love them. But we end up love this one song by Noel, I miss you which we sang countless time for the whole 2 days.