As promised, an entry for seaside train. the main attraction here!! 🙂 The train is a special train making a trip along the seaside at Gangneung. It’s a special train modified to have a the seats facing the outside unlike normal train. The window is bigger to allow a better view. The round trip take around 1 hour and 20 minutes and you can stop at any station and hop on again to continue your trip. I decided to make a round trip and off at Jeongdongjin Station on my way back.   To set foot at Jeongdonjin Station means that you are at the most nearest train station to sea in the world!!! and it was a location for several koreans drama such as Beethoven virus. The view, Subhanallah. i had lunch at the station and took my lazy walk at the beach and bracing the windy and cold winter.

Now, i know how to upload slideshow..yehaaaa….please find the pictures taken during Seaside Train ride and at Jeondonjin Station.

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    1. Hai, Yes, i’m Malaysian 🙂
      You can take a local bus or taxi (i took taxi last time) to Gangneung train station. at Gangneung train station, purchase a seaside train ticket. It’s a return ticket, you can drop at any station you interested to stop for a sighseeing and take the next train..but i just took a round tour and only stop at Jeongdongjin on my way back to have a better look. But if you have time, better to stop at certain station and sightseeing for a while and hop on the next train. Please find more info about Seaside train here and more about Gangneung . Autumn trip will be a good season!!! Have Fun!!!

    1. Salam, Yes, senang je… outside Gangneung Bus Station, there is a local bus stand… from there you can take a local bus to jeongdongjin. Gangneung is not yet popular to foreigner, you may find difficulty to find info in english, so, i suggest that you pay a visit to tourism booth outside the Gangneung bus Station and get more info about local bus timetable and number etc. But i suggest that you take a local bus or taxi to Gangneung train station (taxi fare around 3000 won) and take a round ticket of seaside train and you can stop at jeongdongjin station… sound more interesting right?

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