I’m walking about 2KM or more coz I think I was a little bit lost that day on my way to Ujukheon from Seongyojang. When my friends and WWOOF hosts asked me what I want to do at Gangneung, my first answer is to go to Ujukheon!!! When Mr Lee Seun Gun (one of 2Days 1Night member) explained about Ujukheon, I told myself that I’m not going to miss that spot! Why should I coz that is the place where the picture of Ujukheon was pictured on 5,000 korean won note!!! And it’s the place where Yil I’s mother, Lady Shin who pictured in 50,000 korean won note lived. I want to make sure how big the 3 trees in front of the house now growing after the picture taken…. Heheheh  … Oh,ya …you can find lots of black bamboo at the back of the house which where the house was name of. And, basically this house is an outdoor museum!!!  
The same view as captured on 5,000 won. Only that the tree now bigger than before
Lady Shin on 50,000 won – Yi I’s mother

More info and how to get to: Ujukheon
Anmok Beach where the Coffee Story Lies
I went to this place simply because Lee Seung Gi was here during his mission in 2Days 1Night. His mission was to taste 10 different coffees and describe it with a poem!!! When he drank his espresso and described it like this ““If love melts,and the heart melts, and sadness melts, and the whole world melts, it becomes one cup of espresso.”Hahahah… this mission is simply made me think that Gangneung is a poem city!!! With poems from scholars dated 500 years ago and Lee Seung Gi, me myself while having ice Americano during the cold winter while facing the sea at Anmok beach decided to wrote a poem …. Ahaks
I am here
With the blue sea wide infront my eyes
The comforting sound of wave and seagulls
And the sea wind pleasantly touching my face 
I feel relieved coz I an here at the place I love the most
Beach, Pantai,해변
Sea, Laut, 바다
As always to be here at this kind of place
I wish forever
Coz I am here where my heart at peace
Place where I am who I am
Let’s move to what actually you can find here at Anmok beach. I’m planning actually to have a special entry about drinking coffee culture at South Korea later. But I guessed I will try to cover it first with Coffee Street phenomena at Anmok beach. It was winter when I visited the beach so you can expect not much people there strolling at the beach except me especially it almost lunch time. You can imagine how strong the wind can be and how cold it becomes but I love the salty smell of the beach. Facing the sea, there are a long stretch of 20 -30 shop building which mostly dominated by coffee shops; small, big,oversea brand, local brand, corporate look interior,cute interior, traditional interior, name it. And long list of menu you can choose from. 
My stomach was empty to start with coffee but I badly want to be inside the warm building so I just randomly choose my first coffee shop..emhhh, randomly choose the want without Lee Seung Gi banner outside!!! Hhahah.. all the “chosen” shop owner was so eager to tell the visitor that Lee Seung Gi was there but I don’t blame them as the power of public figure marketing is so important in South Korea. Everything and anything can be sold here as long as someone popular endorsing it. The first coffee shop has a romantic interior with small table with colorful cushion and detail decor. It gives you the feeling of having your coffee at your own living room. I spent around 20 minutes there sipping my hot latte while reading my e-book.
I left the first coffee shop and moved to bigger, double storey coffee shop. I decided to try Ice Americano which is loved by Koreans and a slice of strawberry cake. Americano = Kopi O which basically will never be in my list. I wonder why Korean love Americano so much? Maybe because it’s the cheapest one? Or because it has no milk and cream? It just doesn’t suit my test!!! But I took my own sweet time staying there for about 2 hours as they provide wifi and I really engrossed in finishing one of the story in my e-book. And this is the only word that will be suitable to describe my feeling “this is how life supposed to be” … J
I left Anmok beach and already missing it when my eyes can’t see the sight of the beach anymore. I rode my taxi to find the place where a must to go if you are hungry!!! Let’s find my late lunch!!!


  1. heheheh…alhamdulillah…setakat ini ramai yg aku jumpa orangnya baik2 belaka….just feel like want to do this kind of thing ….travelling alone is a way to find your true self..

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