Raining Reminds Me of Rain …and My Unsatisfactory!!!

It’s been almost half of year since the “waiting clock” start to kick for Rain’s fan. Celebrity is always celebrity; they can’t run away from the camera lens and news about them even when they are at Military Service. But i guess, Rain’s fans will be more than happy to see him or read about his whereabouts in the army through the SNS. As for me? yups …yups…i’m okay with that.

I may sound more like a mom rather than a fan when i read his latest news in army. Forgive me on that. It just my personal view and thought of that or maybe the first impression i got.

Okay, let me explain about the situation here. Military service in South Korea is mandatory for South Korean man. Usually all boy in their 18, after their high-schools will straight go to army for 2 years or during their freshman year at University. Only man with special reasons whom most likely an artist or national athlete will extend their entry. And as in the army, being able to be selected to special force team or to be in Marine or Air force will be highly anticipated. As a fan, i’m so proud that Rain can enter the 5th Division which the team will be the second layer of defense in war (i read somewhere) and of course he is the best in his team to be able to be selected as a team leader and later promoted to be a trainer.

But when i read somewhere that he applied for a transfer to Public Relation department which most of the artists are placed to be an entertainer, to promote the army, etc.. i just sighing…why? i kinda disappointed… i really wish that he can do more on that elite group, to show his potential other than what he usually do…

However, when i saw his latest picture after been transferred to Public Relation Department, i come to understand his decision. To be able to do what he love to do, to be in front of many people, to perform is not only a job which he can left behind for a while… it’s his life!!! In what condition or situation, nothing can change that. His happy face told me that i should be more understanding. Like a mom who scold you to make sure you are giving more thought on whatever you do, like a mom who are giving her most support once her son deciding something and work his best pursuing it.. i’m now silently wish that he will always be healthy and happy to be able to do what he is doing now!!! ahaksssss… An entry from Rain’s fan

Selected as an ambassador for Public Relation Department

Performing at Army concert at Seoul

Being an Emcee at an Army event at Vietnam

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