My Korean friends never have been to Gangneung before so they can’t give me any advice of that place. And I can’t find much info; I mean “budget” info of that place. Without having my accommodation booked earlier or have no idea on how should I move around, but I’m more than thrill looking at the long list of things to do at Gangneung.
Info and info … the first thing I looking for at the bus station is a tourist info counter. I’m glad that South Korea is really well prepared regards to tourism info and I am glad that the tourist guy is a nice guy that willing to help me find my accommodation. It sounds weird for me at the first place to ask where I should find an accommodation here at Gangneung coz I never done it before. But lucky me, opposite of the bus terminal 4 – 5 motels was there. So, I walked to the furthest motel in hoping that I can get a room for less than 50,000 won pernight. And thank god that at last I managed to settled down with 40,000 won pernight (room with internet and desktop)…..hehehehe…I am happy. It was 5.00 pm when I looking at Gangneung bus terminal from my motel window, tomorrow I will explore Gangneung ..murmuring to myself. No town, no beach nearby like I expected so I kinda nervous thinking that how far the places I planned to go will be from the bus terminal. But tomorrow I will think about it, tomorrow ..not tonight coz tonight I need to sleep.
My motel room – resting while watching 2Days 1Night 
Gangneung bus terminal from my motel room window

I woke up early offering my Subuh prayer and open up again Gangneung map given by the tourist guy and the inter-bus time table. After a long ponder, I decided to take taxi instead to save my time. And knowing that no English announcement inside the bus, I really want to minimize the attention I will get as a foreigner when I rode the bus and need to ask around. I bet in this place, the number of foreigner will be less and after 2 weeks being the “center of attention” back at countryside, I just want to go low.
My target travel place:
1st Day:
  1. To ride Sea Side Train and stop at Jeongdonjin Station (The nearest Station to the sea in the world)
  2. Sandglass Park
2nd Day:
  1. Gyeongpodae Pavillion
  2. Ujukheon House
3rd Day:
  1. Cho-Dang Bean Curd Village
  2. Anmuk Beach
  3. Jungang Market
“Ahjussi, Gicha Yok Kaseyo” I rode my taxi and asked the driver to take me to train station where i should buy my Seaside Train ticket today. I can’t miss the 10 am ride as there are only 2 times a day train in operation. When i arrived, nobody at the counter selling the Seaside train tickets. I’ve been standing there about 5 minutes till a women staff came and entertained me. “Gicha Pyo Obsoyo”. What? no tickets? Why? I can’t understand half of her words explaining why no tickets sold today which i don’t really care. “Kerom, naeil ottaeyo? How about tomorrow? hehehe.. tomorrow i will come again…. Ticket will be available tomorrow!!!
There goes my plan .. huh..what should i do? my second day itinerary is now ON for 1st day!!!Gyeongpodae Pavillion wait for me!!!
Seaside Train : A special train (how special it is??? wait for my next entry) 

How to get to Train Station: Taxi : Ride a taxi near to Bus station for around 2,700 won.. Cheap!!! around 5 – 10 min Bus : uhuksss..lost my bus time table..but you can get it at tourist ingo kiosk outside the bus terminal.


  1. hello~!!
    im looking at going to gangneung for my trip and i still cant find an accommodation there. D:
    could i check with you the name of the motel you stayed in?

    thank youuu!

    1. Hai….my apology for a late reply… hardly log in to my blog lately…hehhe… i can’t remember the name… but you can easily find more than 4 motels just across the bus worries….but if you plan to stay near the beach can just ask the taxi driver to bring you to Gyeongpodo Beach…more motel here…facing the beach …beautiful..tried to book online before by Agoda but not many..sorry coz i can’t help much

      1. This came a little late hahaaha but thats fine! I managed to find one near the beach and its great! Thanks for replying though!

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