I had 3 weeks to travel at South Korea last Jan 2012. My schedule was packed with 2 WWOOF programs at Geochang,Gyeongsanam-do (southern part of South Korea) and at Joam, Hwaseong,Gyeonggi-do (northern part of South Korea). In between I was at Seoul spending my birthday with Miss Han, Miss Jungju and DoKyung. So, I decided to have a “solo” trip as a leisure traveler for the remaining 1 week of my stay.

But where to go? I need to be out from Seoul. The place must be near to Gyeonggi-do as my last stop before this “solo” leisure trip is at Gyeonggi-do. I’m missing the sea and the wind so badly, so the place must be near to the sea. And to see the sea during winter, that is a good idea!! And suddenly I watched my 5 favorite guys from 2Days 1Night went to a place called Gangneung located at Gangwon-do which is next to Gyeonggi-do. It just perfect as Gangneung is located at the east sea which popular for beautiful beaches and traditional culture. And guess what, Gangneung marked their name in the World Guinness book of record to have the nearest train station to the sea. Rusiha, we are going to Gangneung for 4 days 3 nights!!!!! Deal!!!

I packed my heavy haversack on the early morning at Joam. Mr Keum my WWOOF host will send me to Joam bus terminal to catch the bus to Suwon city. After listening to his last fruitful talk and a cup of coffee at Mr Keum’s beauty saloon friend’s shop, he left me at the small and shabby Joam bus terminal (it looks more shabby today). We shake hands and bidding goodbye. It was a melancholy morning. Gangneung will wait for me, so I decided to have brunch at my favorite Chongguk restaurant by having sundubu jigae and kimbab before taking 1 hour bus to Suwon and change to another 3 hours express bus ride to Gangneung.

Bye – bye Joam. My Gangneung journey begins!!!

How to get to Gangneung:
* Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Subway Line 2, Gangbyeon St) -> Gangneung Bus Terminal
* Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Seoul Subway Line 3, 7 and 9, Express Bus Terminal Station,
Gyeongbu Line) -> Gangneung Bus Terminal
….Around 3 hours ride

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