Are u a Fat and Ugly Foreigner???

Huhuhu… i thought that i’m the only one who have this kind of thought till i happened to read an entry from eatyourkimchi on the related issue. The obsession of Koreans to be pretty and slim cannot be deniable!!!Even their man is very particular on skin treatment and even put a make up… For you to succeed in getting a job you must be graduated from a top university and second you should be pretty and third, pretty.

Beauty is on the eyes of beholder.. But in Korea, it’s something that has own measurement and standard. A girl is a perfect beauty when you are 165 cm tall and more, have a small face – that can fit a palm size, V-line face, double eyelid and big eyes, sharp nose and full lip, s-line or x-line body and fair. For a guy, you must be 180 cm tall and more, long and slender body with 6 pack chocolate abs. A beauty regime for Korean girl before they step out from their house is by applying almost 15 beauty products!!! and hell they put a heavy make-up to look neutral!!!! Neutral is when u wear Zero MAKE-UP!!! And I’m not surprise when my Korean Teacher once told us that Korean man first impression towards girl is a pretty girl must has a good heart!!! far this statement is true or not .. Only Korean man knows best.

But as for me, besides feeling jealous while admiring the results of Korean obsession to beauty, nothing more. I might feel intimidated once a while when I’m walking among the skinny Korean girls or because I find that their XL size is actually S. But I still feel that because I’m not part of this society, I’m free from being judge on that standard of beauty. And somehow, someday this believe of theirs will change. And beauty is something that you must appreciate and treasure.. and this kind of beauty, my eyes is in heaven!!

So, which one you prefer?

Korean standard of beauty?


Western standard of Beauty?

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