Jalan – Jalan Cari Makan Seoul (part 1)

I always got question from others “ How much you budgeted for your food?”. Frankly speaking, I never put an X amount for my food during my visit to South Korea. I do concern on how much I pay for my lodging, transportation and shopping but never do as food is concern. Food for me is something that equal to places I should visit during my stay at Korea. I eat what I want to eat and what I suppose to eat at South Korea. Besides the street food and raw seafood that I talk about at previous entry, I would like to share other Korean food that you can give a try and Insyallah for Muslim, it’s Halal.Grill Seafood with the best Banchan ever @ Kui Kui, Yeoido
Miss Han is a frequent customer at Kui Kui Restaurant located at the ground floor of her apartment. And I naturally become a frequent too whenever I went to Seoul. I love their banchan or side dishes the most. Usually, they will serve not less than 4-5 banchan with our main dish which usually consists of spicy seafood soup and variety of grill seafood. We love to order Moli Fish. I don’t know what fish it is in English or Bahasa but it taste tender with fish fat (should I describe it like this?) which give a special taste. You might face a difficulty to order due to NO English translation on their menu .But they do display pictures of their menu on the wall and also display it outside the shop. Even, Wawa, Fidza and Syikin (my ex-office collogue) managed to order it in Bahasa Malaysia for their second visit…. Hahahaha

Price: 10,000 ++ Won per dish (per person)

Our favourite : Moli Fish

How to get there: National Assembly Station, Line 9, Exit 4. Go straight; cross a road till you see an apartment next to KBS, turn right and find Kui kui restaurant (5 minutes walking). It’s actually opposite to KBS and if you are lucky you might see Korean artist around. As for me, I managed to meet an in-famous Emcee, Mr Kim Gura at the coffee shop next door. Huh.. I wish I can switch that moment with another person.. Kim Gu Ra says Thumbs Up to Kui Kui !!!

Spicy Octopus @ at Octopus Street, Gwanghamun

I never missed going to Gwanghamun area before. After the second trip, I realized that if I was there I can access to many sightseeing area that I luv to go by walking – Bukchon Village, Insadong, etc . And I never miss eating Spicy octopus dish at this area. Small octopus fry with spicy hot sauce and bean sprout and eat with hot rice…aghhh .. I wish I can describe the taste with a word!!! “Fight Fire with Fire” , yups Spicy octopus is the answer. And after having spicy food, cool down yourself at Cheonggyecheon Stream nearby. I bet even a king food can’t win this.

Price : 15000 – 20000 won

How to get there: Exit No. 5 of Gwanghwamun Stn., Seoul Metro Line No. 5. Find the Cheonggyecheon stream nearby. Follow the stream till you see a bridge and turn left to the alley full of small restaurants selling octopus. Octopus here, octopus there.. me, is everywhere.


Are u a Fat and Ugly Foreigner???

Huhuhu… i thought that i’m the only one who have this kind of thought till i happened to read an entry from eatyourkimchi on the related issue. The obsession of Koreans to be pretty and slim cannot be deniable!!!Even their man is very particular on skin treatment and even put a make up… For you to succeed in getting a job you must be graduated from a top university and second you should be pretty and third, pretty.

Beauty is on the eyes of beholder.. But in Korea, it’s something that has own measurement and standard. A girl is a perfect beauty when you are 165 cm tall and more, have a small face – that can fit a palm size, V-line face, double eyelid and big eyes, sharp nose and full lip, s-line or x-line body and fair. For a guy, you must be 180 cm tall and more, long and slender body with 6 pack chocolate abs. A beauty regime for Korean girl before they step out from their house is by applying almost 15 beauty products!!! and hell they put a heavy make-up to look neutral!!!! Neutral is when u wear Zero MAKE-UP!!! And I’m not surprise when my Korean Teacher once told us that Korean man first impression towards girl is a pretty girl must has a good heart!!! Keke..how far this statement is true or not .. Only Korean man knows best.

But as for me, besides feeling jealous while admiring the results of Korean obsession to beauty, nothing more. I might feel intimidated once a while when I’m walking among the skinny Korean girls or because I find that their XL size is actually S. But I still feel that because I’m not part of this society, I’m free from being judge on that standard of beauty. And somehow, someday this believe of theirs will change. And beauty is something that you must appreciate and treasure.. and this kind of beauty, my eyes is in heaven!!

So, which one you prefer?

Korean standard of beauty?


Western standard of Beauty?


Besides Olle Walking, there are lots to do at Seogwipo area.. By airport bus which frequently have trip back and forth from our Inn to Airport … we manage to visit this places which either located near to the Inn or can be access by the bus… and definitely your T-Money will make your trip easier.

Places near to Jeju Hiking Inn (walking distance)
Jeongbang Waterfall
Cheongjiyeon Waterfall
Saeyeon Bridge
Bird Island @ Saesom

Jungmun Area
Teddy Bear Museum
Museum of African Art
Daepo Jusangjeolli
International Convention Center Jeju.

5 Days Market

Somewhere in between Jeju Hiking Inn and Jeju-Si
Jeju Worldcup Stadium