Street food is something that you must taste whenever you are at Korea… Can i say that it’s represent korean food besides Bibimbap? But whatever it is.. it is a must to try and as for me .. i luv it!!! Here the list of the street food for you to give a try, my favourite one.

Ddeokbokki (떡볶이): Spicy Rice Cake
I don’t really love the Tteok coz it’s hard to chew but there are other things inside to eat and it’s something that i can’t but craving for it!! And eating it with Odeng during rainy day .. hahaha .. alamakss..feel like eating it now!!! Omma!!!
Ddeokbokki at Jeju 5 days market

Ddeokbokki at Hongik UniversityUncook DdeokRamyeon at Ehwa University

Odeng @ 오뎅 : Fish cake with soup

Imagine that u eat this during winter…heaven!!!

Fish Bread@잉어빵 : Read been bread

My happy face after eating the fish bread at Jeju 5 days market

Ho Ddeok @ 호떡 : Bread with cinnamon and sugar
The only thing that have cinnamon i’m ok to eat

Our perfect breakfast with Banana milk that i love

You can find the street almost everywhere as long as you can find a street?? hahaha .. with a cheap price too 1000 – 3000 won .. Please do give them a try!!!

2 thoughts on “STREET FOOD

  1. look delicious.. but i think many people are concern about this status of the food. how do we recognize which one is halal to eat and which one is not? since we cant talk in korean neither read them. hahah advice pls!

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