Love for freshness … Raw seafood is the answer!!!!! ehehehe

Some people say that raw seafood is good, some says the other … but my taste bud never denies that raw seafood is the best!!! As I can’t consume meat in Korea…and Korea is best known for their raw seafood or회..It’s something that I can’t leave behind but to taste it even it’s damn expensive.

Raw Fish @ 생선회
I never know that Korean way of eating raw fish can be this amazingly delicious… and if someone afraid of the smelly taste of the fish (for me it’s not smelly) also can enjoy this. Korean style raw fish will be eaten together with sesame leaf (this leaf has a strong taste), and spread with 고추장 @ pepper paste, add green chili, fresh garlic and the main ingredient, slice of raw fish. Fold it and eat…. Nyummmm .. the taste? I can’t describe it with words…. Maybe the feeling is like when you can swim in cold water during hot/summer season …

Raw Fish at Jeju

Raw Fish : Tapau
Live octopus @ 사는 오징어’s still alive, crawling, moving even after ahjumma cut it to small pieces… and people don’t wait till it’s not moving to eat so it won’t be live octopus anymore…

This is something that I eat not because I want to eat but challenge myself to eat … haahah … and for seafood lover, this is something not to be miss at least once.. and i do experienced a little hesitance at first and took almost 5 – 10 minutes to try my first spoon, thanks to our next table guest, a couple who already there for a quite sometimes but the girlfriend still having a scary expression when she look at her plate and somehow I get her indirect message telling me that I shouldn’t eat it. But hey, I paid 20,000 Won for that small “scary” thing, hell no, I need to eat ya!!!

Live Octopus at Jagalchi Market, Busan

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