Jeju Olle Trail Route No. 2 – NO!!! Scooter, Go!!! Go!!!

Hahahaha .. In traveling… Planning is just a guide .. I love to go with a flow … No Jeju Olle Trail Route No. 2 for us this time .. Renting a scooter give us more mileage to travel and stop at any place that we feel like going.. “Panjang Kaki” :)How we meet our Scooter owner? After having a very long walk for Olle route 1, and felt how inconvenience for us to commute from our guesthouse to other locations, we decided to rent a scooter. After some calls made by our guesthouse owner, we are waiting eagerly for our scooter owner to fetch us and pick our scooter.

After 30 minutes and more I guess, he came and asked our guesthouse owner several questions about us. He looks nervous and later I found out that we are his first foreign customer!! And as language is concern, he worries more! International Driving License – Check, and an assurance that I can actually speak basic Korean ease him a little bit and off we are on the road to pick up our scooter. No wonder we need to wait for him more than 30 minutes, his shop is actually somewhere, quite far from the guesthouse area. We tried so hard to remember the road, junction, signboard or anything that can be a mark so that we didn’t lost. Now, we are nervous! 🙂 But hey, this is what we call adventure! The owner is a very nice man, trying hard to talk to me in a simple Korean so that I can understand him. Telling me about everything we see a long the way and I will translate it back to my sister.

He owns a very, very nice shop and house!!! And very nice and wide range of scooter to choose from. After some documentation and checking on the condition of the scooter so that we are supposed to return it back in the original condition, some commemorative picture and a map, our journey begins!!! The scooter owner is so kind that he offered to accompany us to our first location. Or maybe he worried that we might run away with his scooter? Hahaha .. For 2 days this scooter will be our!!!

Things to have and do to rent a scooter or car :
To have : International license
To do : 1. Fill up the form
2. Check for the condition of your transportation for any previous scratch so that you won’t be blame for it later.
3. Check your fuel meter as you need to return the same exact amount.
In Korean the driver seat will be on the left, so you need to familiarize yourself with the difference.

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