Jeju Olle Trail Route No1.1: Udo (Cow Island)

Udo had me at Hello!!! I wish I can live here where my house will facing the blue sea and at the back garden full with beautiful flowers .. and it will be good if it has 1 supermarket ..ahaksss … dream on..

Udo Island is a mysterious island and it has everything that you can expect an island in Jeju can offer. A small island with around 2000 inhabitants, 10 minutes from Seongsan port by ferry. Due to volcanic activity on the island, Udo’s coasts are filled with impressive black stones and rocks.

We opt for a different transportation to explore Udo, scooter!!! Walking no more ….We rent a scooter through our guesthouse owner for 2 days to explore the rest of Seongsan Ichilbung area and Udo. Bought our ticket with the help of our kind scooter owner (I will write a story about him later) and hop we off to Udo Island with our cute scooter (the same experience if you bring your transpiration on the Penang Ferry).

We took our own sweet time exploring Udo for 2 – 3 hour and back to Seongsan port.

How to get there:

By Bus: From Seogwipo or Jeju si, take a bus to Seongsangri Port. The bus will drop you approx. 10 minutes (walking) from the harbor. Once at the harbor, the ferry terminal is visible. The ferry takes 15 minutes to get to Udo Island and if you wish, you may take your car over to the island.

* Ferry Fare Age 13 or over: 2,000 won / 12 or under: 700 wonfull size car: 13,200 won / mid-size, economy: 11,000 won / compact: 8,800 won

Transportation on Udo Island:Car: you can take your car over on the ferryRentals: Bicycles to ATV’s and *scooters (the latter is roughly 10,000W/hour). You can find them right off the ferry dock as you arrive into Udo Island.Bus: There is an island tour bus that makes stops along tourist sites

Time:It takes about 1 hour to get around the island; however for quality sightseeing, it will take longer.

One thought on “Jeju Olle Trail Route No1.1: Udo (Cow Island)

  1. Hi there,Nice write up on Jeju Island! I'm planning to go there too this year to do walking, enjoy the beach, island. May I know how do you go around the Olle trail accomodation ya? Tukar-tukar guesthouse? Any recommendation on where to stay for the Route 1? Hope you can provide some recommendations :)Thank you

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