Jeju Olle Trail Route No1: Sunrise Peak Area

For our second trip to Jeju, we change our location from Seogwipo to the other part of Jeju Island. Much remote area with a small town that becomes quiet after 9 pm. This time we took a taxi as our guesthouse is located quite far from the main road, a countryside.

We planned to walk at Route no. 1, no. 1.1 which is Udo and no. 2 which mainly surround the main objective of our tour which is Seongsan Ichulbung @ Sunrise Peak. Our guesthouse owner is a young lady who came from Seoul after decided that she need more peaceful and low pace life. Rent the big land with a house and open it as a guesthouse. Basically we are staying together with her. She dropped us in front of Siheung Elementry school gate as a starting point of Route 1 and we start our walking for that day aiming to finish almost 20 KM trail plus doing a little bit of hiking. But after some hiking for 3 KM we end up doing our own Olle Trail that we called Olla Trail by following the smell of food. So, please eat before you walk or not you will end up like us J. But after all, we still walked for 20 KM for that day!!

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