University District: The Best Hang Out Area!!

Never miss to hang out at University area! is what I recommend most of you to do if you are at Seoul. If you love the “youth” environment, night life, cheap stuff, street food, club and be surrounded with “k-pop Idol” look alike .. you must visit any universities in Seoul. I’ve been to Ehwa Women University, Yonsei University, Hongik @ Hongdae University and Konkuk University. But the best area will be at Ehwa Women University and Yonsei University which located in the same area and the most well known Hongik area at Sinchon. You will never disappointed with what they can offer you.

Ehwa Women University

Yes, lots of girls around with trendy fashion, high heel, make up and skinny body … aishhh .. my eyes and heart was in envy and despair.. hahaha .. not until I saw their beautiful university structure. Have been said that this University has the most beautiful design for their building. Walking around in their University area and being accompany with a beautiful cherry blossom on early spring, it’s just prefect. Previously, no guys allowed in this university area but not any longer! Ehemmm .. but most of them are here because they have girlfriends study in this University .. “ I hate couples, Shiro!!!” This is what Do Kyung said throughout our visit here. Yeahh…I hate it too…let’s move on …

Out we go venturing the vicinity. Shops, shops and more shops … Clothes, accessories, saloon, and what I love most shoes!!! You can get the latest fashion with affordable price here but not for my Bigfoot feet… Now, I can left behind Dongdaemun and welcome Ehwa!!

Street food is something you must give a try when you are here… most of the restaurant serve much cheaper price for food and TTeokbuki or in da picture ramyeon + Ttteokbuki taste most delicious here!!! Erggghhh … maybe I’m too cold and hungry!! 



How to get there:
5 mins walk from exits # 2 & 3 of Ewha Womans University Station (Subway Line 2)

Hongik @ Hongdae University

Hongik University has the most well known school of Fine Arts and Design in Korea and has built cutting-edge facilities on the campus. Sculptures can be found throughout the campus, and the Munheongwan Hall in the university contains a museum of contemporary art, which holds exhibitions by students, faculty members, or acclaimed professional artists. (Copy it from the internet as I’m yet to be inside the campus).

But what I can say, this area is alive after midnight. During the day it almost the same as what we have at Ehwa. As I’m not into partying and drinking stuff, I skip this activity which is heaven for the one who enjoy this. As this university is an art university, you must check their street market which students will display their work and sell it and at the back alley of the area you can basically find lots of private gallery and we bought ourselves Nanta ticket show and watch it at the theater which newly opens at Hongdae. We also found Tricks Museum here at Hongdae which we visited during our trip at Jeju previously. Anyway, the experience here will surely different from other place.. anything involve with arts will give mysterious and sexy feeling .. emhh…that is what I thought ..

If you happen to watch one of Running Man episode shoot here in Hongdae, you will come across a very famous Teeokboki shop. You need to wait in long queue to be in the shop and never regret it as the food is worth waiting. Don’t forget to stroll around this area and check the cafés too. You will find very nice and unique design’ Cafés and settle down at one of it having a hot cappuccino while enjoying the view is the best. Don’t mention that you might be lucky to be served by “boy prettier than flower” that makes espresso taste like mocha .. yeahhh … now I know where good looking guy goes .. Right here in Hongdae!!!!

Never know what you can find at Hongdae’s back alley : i found Marry me Mary filming location

How to get there:
Five minutes walk from exit # 6 of Hongik University Station (Subway Line2).

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