I love Olle Walking !!!!

Walking .. walking and walking.. this is what you can expect in South Korea. Especially at Jeju Island. With the find weather where you can happily walking even at noon and being accompany with extremely beautiful view I welcome Jeju Olle Walking activity with a big heart.

The Jeju Olle, which were inspired by the famous Pilgrim’s Trail in Spain, was made from the hidden, forgotten routes of Jeju Island, which cars cannot access. The route will take you to forests, mountains, beaches, and remote places and offer unrivalled views over Jeju’s unique, dramatic, volcanic landscape. The paths are connected, so you can start your walk from where you finished the previous day. The route is divided into twelve sections, which will take you through along forests, beaches, and villages, where you can meet the warmhearted local people. If you want to explore all routes, usually 2 weeks will be needed!!! Who says Jeju Island is small?

Jeju Olle Walking Map – all course

What you should prepare:
Shoes – Comfortable walking shoes are needed. Sandals would be good for the sandy paths on some routes in summer
Clothing – Jeju weather is unpredictable. Even though the sky is clear, prepare suitable clothing for occasional strong winds and rain. Wind stopper jackets, a spare jacket with long sleeves and raincoats are recommended.
Cash – When you buy seafood, drinks or snacks on the routes, please be aware that the kiosks don’t take credit cards. These small stalls are often run by old grandmothers, who only accept cash. Be prepared and bring a small amount of money with you.
Mental and Physical – 1 course route usually will be more than 10 KM and it will take more than half of your day walking. Just take it easy and don’t force yourself to finish it if you can’t. Anyway, you are not walking for a finishing line and prize!!!

Along the way you will be fascinated with what Jeju can offer for your eyes, soul, and taste bud which you can’t easily encounter if you take a different way of touring Jeju and that is why I never stop at trail route no. 7!!!

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