Hello South Korea !!!!

I still remember how eager i am to set my foot for the first time to South Korea after so much teaser given by watching Winter Sonata, All In, Full House etc.. Went to Matta Fair and sign up for Spring vacation in year 2007 with my friend Ika and Ika’s collogue and Ika’s collogue’s cousin and another 6 – 7 new friends we embarked in our first ever trip with beautiful Nami Island and handsome Bae Yong Joon in mind! (erk.. i don’t think the same anymore)

So, Our itinerary for 6 days and 4 nights :

Shopping : Myeongdong, Itaewon, Dongdaemun, Namdaemun
Sightseeing : Mount Sorak, Nami Island
Entertainment : Everland

Conclusion of my 1st trip. I don’t have fun. I believed that South Korea can offer me more than what i experienced while being there. Besides the beautiful places, i can’t feel the connection between me and the people. And the food served to us also not to my taste. And i keep wondering what had been missing.. Oh, ya.. Bae Yoon Joon look a like.. I guess you can see them only in TV but not on the street … aishhhh

And after 2 years, changing the partners in crime’s Ika who got married in the middle of planning and dreaming, itinerary who took 2 months to prepared, expensive ticket, beginner level Korean language, and la..la..la..(copying Miss Han) i got myself back to South Korea in spring 2010 with my sister to enjoy backpackers style of exploring South Korea.

Send Me to Korea Itinerary

SEOUL (23 – 30 April 2010)
23 April (Friday) Depart from KLIA, Kuala Lumpur, MAS 11.45 pm
24 April (Saturday) Arrive at Incheon Airport, South Korea, 7 am
Depart from Incheon Airport to Miss Han’s House
* To book Hangang River Cruise tickets
Flea Market near Hongik University
Ehwa Woman University * to buy Nanta ticket at KTO office
Hangang River Cruise

25 April (Sunday)
Deoksugung Palace
Insadong (Shopping)
Pitmagol : Historic Alleyways
Noryangjin Market (Seafood)

26 April (Monday) Cheonggyecheon Stream
Dongdaemun Fashion Town
Jungang Market (Central Market)
Namdaemun Market

27 April (Tuesday) Lotte World
Lotte Department Store
Techno Mart

28 April (Wednesday)
National Museum of Korea
Namsangol Hanok Village
MT. Namsan

29 April (Thursday)

30 April (Friday)
Nanta Theater
Yeouido Park
Depart from Seoul to Jeju by plane

JEJU (30 April – 4 May 2010)
1 May (Saturday) Ole Walking Tour

2 May (Sunday)
* Mount Halla & Baengnokdam Lake
* Teddy Bear Museum
* Jeongban Fall
* Mini World & Miniature Theme Park
* Submarine Tour
* Trick Art Museum

3 May (Monday) Mount Halla

4 May (Tuesday) Depart from Jeju to Busan by Flight

BUSAN (4 – 6 May 2010)
4th May (Tuesday)
Busan Mosque
Haeundae Beach
Busan Aquarium
*Gwangan Bridge

5th May (Wednesday)
Yongdusan Park
PIFF Square
Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street
Gukjae Market

6th May (Thursday)
Jagalchi Market
40 Stairs Thema Street
Depart from Busan to Seoul by KTX

SEOUL (6 – 8 May 2010)
7 May (Friday) Free & Easy
8 May (Saturday) Depart from Seoul back to KL (11.00 AM)

My second trip … it was great!!! and I become greedy enough not to stop and keep sending myself there for the 3rd and 4th time for now.