An Alien …i was

I really wish that I can be back to the time when I still believed that I’m an alien. I wish i’m not belong to this confusing world. Someday, I can be away to the place where I’m supposed to be. Far away…


Shining Star

I’m a foolish person, they told
To fall in love with a star like you
I can’t have you, never
So stop dreaming
Stop being in a fantasy land

You will never notice me among many
I love you, they all love you too
I will do anything, they done everything
There is no way to reach you or to have you
Coz you are shining star desired by others

Break me away, will ya!
From this foolish heart longing for you
Get me out, will ya!
From this crazy world of mine full of you
Let me stop, will ya!
From loving you more and more

So I can stand and think right again
Live and breathe the same air like others
Talking about something someone can understand
Crying over something worth being cried for
Happy for something others can share
And all can happen
As long as it’s not you that I wishing for
As long as it’s not you a Shining Star

Shining star, Even if you are
For me you are just someone I fall in love with
You are also someone who will love
The words impossible does exist
But miracle does happens
I pray that miracle is you…Someone I love


Let’s save the world!!!
Huh ….can’t even protect a heart from being hurt

Let’s change the world !!!
aghh …even a heart can’t be change

The world must be funny then …
Tskkk …tskkkk … are one funny man indeed

Hahahaha …ya!!!