Promising happiness

He was once promised me that happiness will waiting for me ahead, a better guys will loved me more than he was. A price for shattered first love, words from a heart breaker whose playing Mr. Nice guy. For 10 years waiting for the promised to be true, till no more tears to be shed. Suddenly a mature I knock out my innocent and foolish me away, happiness is not something that you can wait for it to come. It’s something you need to find by yourself.


Is it heaven’s way of telling me ….

I’m freaking out knowing the possibility you will be away … for 2 years anytime from now, fixed to be just around a corner… i’ve tried to hold to any opportunity comes ..but seems everything going the opposite way… I’m asking for an answer to my “impossibe” wish longing for you… Is this the answer heaven’s gave me ? Just let him go, my dear… he’s not yours and never be yours….it’s time to let him go…