When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom (The Flower)

The last visit from our dearest Korean friend, Miss Han to Malaysia bring with her another precious gift from Korea, a famous short story book for both us (Thanks Miss Han). “When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom” is a best known story which being translated to 6 different languages.

Never heard about Buckwheat flower before till what i’ve been told by Miss Han, eagerly me surf the net and found the picture of the flower. Now, I can imagine when the author describe about this flower in his writing “The mountainside is interspersed with buckwheat gardens. The flowers that are beginning to bloom look just like sprinkled salt. This picturesque landscape spread in the soft moonlight takes my breath away”. Huhuhh…and i’m now imagining myself to be in the place of Ho Saengwon, walking on furrows between buckwheat gardens, as if white cotton-like clouds were spread out like a blanket under a bright moonlight with the sound of the wind. It marks another reasons in my proposal paper “why I need to visit Korea again”. Heheeh (big grin).

The story….yups about the story…I will blog again about it later …. now, i just want to dream about the sea of white flower while strolling around under the full moon with my beloved honey bunny

Am i a "Die Hard" Fan??

Till what extend a fan can do for their favorite artist/celebrity? A die hard fan willingly to spend their money and time even their life and dignity. Not saying that they will spend their $$ to get anything that money can buy related to that artist, album, concert ticket, movie, drama or merchandise. Flying around the world just to attend that artist world tour, and not to forget to make sure they get in the same plane as the artist and even the hotel. The extreme one can even end their life or sacrifice their dignity to be notice by the artist. But i believe now, every fan has their own way to show their support right? No right or wrong?? emhh…

Recently, I’m becoming a “die hard” fan to this artist (as describe by peoples around me). But till what extend I’m actually can be call “Die Hard” fan? I love his songs …so I downloaded it FREE through net coz I dun feel like spending RM50 for his album each (he had 4-5 album which cost me RM200+++). He acted in 2-3 dramas which will cost me RM100 for each drama box, believe me I just bought one and the rest was FREEly downloaded. I’m having his pictures as my wallpaper and screensaver for FREE. The one that I can admit I had done so far to be called his fan were following his news almost everyday, went to watched his movie at the 1st day it came to Malaysia cinema, and “actively” becoming his marketing manager by selling out his story to others.

I’ve just intended to be his “that extend” fan till I come across this…

His special 24 hours collection DVD!!! Huhuhuh …I want..i want…. For FREEEEEEE ….nopes?? USD69?? “Die Hard” fan? Am i?

p/s: Erkkk…ader sesaper yg nak jual cetak rompak DVD di atas?