Suddenly … my mind becomes completely empty!! I’m Lost !!!

-Honey Bunny said ” Dasarang, Hwaiting!! Saranghae”-

Huhu..haha…Hectic Week

Starting 12 May….it was like unfinished tasks felled on my desk …..with WCIT , SUKMA and SMIDEX berturut-turut, bertimpa2 minta ditangani… starting that day… office dah jadi macam rumah….asyik balik malam…and the worse part was, 3 hari cuti weekend + public holiday still bekerja till lewat malam…berulang alik dari KLCC and office for WCIT… and now struggling with SUKMA yg dah nak start and without any rest last week..tomorrow dah nak kena pi Terengganu and kijer pada hari sabtu & ahad.. dushhh … and SMIDEX waiting for me right after coming back from Terengganu… aghhhhhhhhhh….May be I need to stop eating Kimchi coz I’ve just starting to be one…sayur jeruk pedas…emhhh. at least Honey Bunny love to eat kimchi..Dushhh..stop that nonsense thought.. I need break!!! Can I? I dun think so coz this is nature of event department.. . Half of the year you will have sunny bright day and the other half with rain …and kadang-kadang…..Typhoon!!! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

A Journey to the Modern City of Light – Hong Kong

I could say that my recently tour was the best ever… To the land of Modern City of Light (i give it myself), Hong Kong!!! hahaha … the best coz the experience gained there was based on my own effort. Some surfing, asking the opinion of others and lots of pray…me and Aina fly off to HK as we called it a backpackers style!

Day 1 (24th April 2008)
Air Asia, AK50 LCCT to Macau 0630 am. After taking a nap around 2 hours, we are now at the LCCT around 4.00 am. After check-in procedure and some coffee at McD, we are on board to Macau. Why Macau instead of direct flight to HK? Because we choose budget airline (our beloved AirAsia) which not yet operating at HK on April! Around 10.15 am, dengan rasminya kami berada di permulaan perjalanan kami ke HK, the flight landed at Macau Airport … Dengan kabus yg agak tebal, baru kami perasan yang landasan kapal terbang Macau di bina di atas tambakan laut, so, u can feel like landed on the sea instead!!
We took taxi from Macau Airport to Macau Ferry Terminal to catch our TurboJet Ferry to HK. Ini adalah salah satu cara paling popular utk pergi ke HK dari Macau besides jalan darat and HELIKOPTER. After 1 hour dialun ombak laut…we all dengan selamatnya sampai ke HK Ferry terminal, running to catch MTR (Transit aliran ringan) at Sheung Wan station to Wan Chai station (the place we are going to stay for the next 4 days). With some tercangak2 situation we arrived at Wan Chai safely. Wan Chai is the most “happening place” in HK. With a long stretch block of building consist service apartment, restaurant, 7 Eleven and most of it are night clubs and Bars full of foreigners. On day 1, we are going to stay with Cory’s wife at her company’s service Apartment before moving to Malaysian Embassy hostel. After some rest, Solat, and lunch + Dinner at a Turkish Restaurant, we took MTR again to go to Avenue of Stars. After some exploration with changing lane between the MTR, we manage to arrive at Avenue of Star around 7.00 pm. The Avenue of Stars features commemorative plaques, handprints of movie celebrities, descriptive milestones, kiosks with movie memorabilia, a towering Hong Kong Film Awards statuette, and a life-size statue of the legendary kung-fu action star, Bruce Lee. And on 8 pm, ada pertunjukan Symphony of Light !!! It is spectacular multimedia show, already named the “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” by Guinness World Records, has been expanded to involve 33 key buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour. Fantastic!!

Wan Cai

Avenue of Star + Symphony of Lights

Day 2 (25th April 2008)
Around 11 am, still sleepy due to lack of sleep yesterday, we all siap2 to go to Disney Hong Kong. Around 30 mins perjalanan setelah tukar 3 train… it sounds complicated but believe me, I actually fall in love with their public transportation! Every inch of HK can be reach easily with public transportation and everything is well connecting! What can I say about Disney HK, a little bit small than Everland Korea and less interesting rides, but who came to Disney to naik ride? Of course to take picture with the Disney Characters … hahaha …
Around 5pm, planning to go back to Wan Cai and heading to The Peak. But due to our tired feet and body but not desire to explore, we change our plan and strolling around Wan Cai area with Tram.

Day 3 (26th April 2008)
Today is shopping day!! Dalm 9 pagi, we all terus ke MongKok area yang terkenal dengan Street Market’s Heaven. Hahaha… area tu macam Petaling Street but 4-5 times bigger than Petaling Street. Yg x seronoknya, my cash money dah susut and Bank is nowhere to be seen…so, dgn sayunya tgk barang2 kat situ x terbeli dek diriku !!!

Around 3 pm, we all balik ke Wan Cai and after that pi The Peak. Yg ni lagi adventures..we took Tram and after that switch to mini bus to the Peak !!! Huhuhu…pening kepala naik bukit tinggi yg berbengkak bengkok jalan dia … but its worth!! The scenery from the peak is the best. U can see the whole HK city from there with thousands of colorful lights during the night times. And not to forget to singgah sekejap dekat Madame Tussauds. Hahaha … nak tunggu ambil gambar dengan artis popular secara dekat…mungkin masih menunggulah kan…so, jus pay and snap

Apliu Street aka Ladies MarketHong Kong city from The Peak Amoi, pigang baik2 ya!!

Day 4 (27th April 2008)
The last day…we wrap up the journey by taking another last trip around Wan Cai by Tram. Sedeynya… and final shopping..again. And again, taking MTR To Sheung Wan, naik TurboJet and another Taxi to Macau Airport. Shopping again at kedai bebas cukai at the Airport …murah sehhh (of course using credit card)…and with 7.50 pm flight, we left our beloved Macau and HK. But as what Aina said, we fell in love with HK at Hello…and if there is opportunity we didn’t mind to stay there… ahaksss … where to put my second hometown, Korea??



– Bye,HK…Missing u Already –