Does it worth the mess ??

Sometimes life can be so hard on us. The world seems to against us and nobody would care. Even our love ones can betray us and no one to turns to. We feel tired and disappointed, angry and grudge that we keep inside till it leave a black spot in our heart.
It sometimes leads to a group of people become braver and stronger to overcome it, so they are the one who take this condition in a positive way, to be a better person. Others will drown in it, trying to tell the world their anger and disappointment by damaging their life. They are hurting others by hurting themselves. In returns, they are hoping the world will sympathize on them and pleads sorry. But, without them realize they are actually hurting themselves more. And when the time comes, the damages can not easily be fixed anymore or even too late to be fixing. So, how bad the life can be.. Can you actually hurting others by hurting yourself? Do they actually hurt and fix the damage for you? Or can damage really be fixing after it done? And does it worth the mess?


A Heart must be the Weirdest Thing!!!

Sometimes, we come across a question in life which we really need an answer. And most of the time, we live in unanswered questions and usually that we expect one answer that can ease our feelings. That is why, most of us feel disappointed and heartache. And for me, I got my answer yesterday. An answer that I’m not expected but prepared to receive one. Despite being disappointed, I felt relieved. Maybe, it’s just the matter of “yes” or “No” and “Black” or “White”. At least I’m no longer need to be in question marks. Or maybe a heart of mine doesn’t really care anymore ….