I’m Missing This…


Wondering about this…..

Goshhhhh…I’m thinking too much!!!


I’m extremely SAD


i feel like eating…but i already overweight!!!

huhuhuhu…for almost 27 years breathing……never in my entire life till this year that people call me “gemuk”. Selalunya org akan kata, kurusnya, kacang panjang, playwood…entah aper2 lagi arrr yg refer pada kurus!!!

And never in my entire life till this year have that i really concerned about my weight!!! huhuhuh…i may look like a person with no weight problem!!! But who knows dengan keaadaan sekarang (tembam sikit), sebenarnya aku dah lebih 10 KG dari berat badan yg sepatutnya…hahahah

I care…..but how? i rather go for exercise than cutting down my food or eating my favourite food….no way i’m going to eat only bread, fruit, salad…hahahah..no…no…no….Siapa lagi nak treasure those good food!!!

Exercise…i rather say i have no time aka truly deeply “MALAS” ….

So, HOW?

Can’t all those fats just disappear like they always did previously….

Worry…but dun care in the same time… HUHUHUHU

Aper lagi ek?

Aper lagi yg aku suka bila buat exhibition nih? Emhhhh…coz aku boleh jumpa orang yang aku nak jumpa……macam last week……WORLD BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP 2007

Walaupun event tu mmg busan dari segi sales…tapi’ i’m not a sales person anymore!!!! just assisting sales person ….HEAVEN!!!

Apa yg bestnya??

1. Boleh masuk parking stadium FREE and parking sebelah dewan coz ada sticker Secratariat kat keter
2. Boleh masuk dalam stadium dan tgk game bila2 masa sebab ader exhibitor pass
3. Tgk LIVE game badminton dan tahu saper pemenangnya sebelum org lain tgk paper esoknya atau berita malam !!!
4. I almost forgot about the excitement of watching badminton and knowing the player after Thomas Cup 1992…huhuhu…can feel it again…
5. Nampak dgn dekat but malas nak jumpa pemain2 badminton…Nampak Rashid Sidek, Misbun Sidek, Bertukar senyum dengan Roslin Hashim..ahaksss…Korean player yg aku lupa namanya….Wong Choon Han, Kean keat (heh, lupa nama penuh and to spell) and others….

Apa yg tinggal tanda tanya….

Aku belek2 pass card aku tuh….Selain dgn pass aku tuh, aku boleh masuk Arena, and aper ntah lagi…aku leh masuk Locker Room….ISKKKK..Maksudnya aku leh pi dalam tempat persalinan pemain ker??? auchhh!!! RUGINYA!!!

Can a broken heart really heal??

Received a message from a friend, he just broke off with his girl. I knew he must be hurt. And i knew that whatever i said will not going to fix the condition.

People will always said that “everything will be ok” to comfort someone. But when will be that everything become ok? How soon? I hurt now!!! What is actually needed to be done now? Not tomorrow, not when everything will become ok!!!

I cried with him, that’s the only thing, I’ve done. I don’t really know either what he need the most now. But I remembered when I’m once in his condition, I just want somebody to know and listen. I just want someone knew that I’m scared, hurt, angry, embarrassed…….And maybe, we need that someone to replace “that person” who will have no idea of what we felt after the broke off.

Boyfriend, sorry for not being a good friend for you during your hard time. Just cry, if you want to, just piss off if you felt to. Just win her for a last time even how stupid people will look upon you. But if not, you must learn to live without her. We are actually the one who decides what kind of life we want to have with whatever HE prepared for us. Just take your time!!! But dun forget to “wake up”!!!

P/s: To my dearest friends, thank you once again for being there during my hardest time back then, now and in the future.