I Missed my Flight to Korea!!!

Korea…..waaaa…..i missed the flight…hahahah…..

My buddy ika went to Korea last night. After a long preparation, money, korean language and not to forget a korean pen-pal, ika flew to Korea with a high hopes. i’m supposed to join her but with all the responsibilities in Malaysia, project, assignment, night class, weekend class……i just can sent her off with a prayer that she had a safe journey and a happy time.

Ika, dun forget to snap as much pictures as you can and of course to include “uppa” pictures in it. And bring me something that i can’t find it in Malaysia but only in Korea ( u know what i mean…wink).

and till next week before she come back, i just can keep watching all korean dramas and imagine myself to be there………

Korea….wait for me!!! Aja! Aja! Fighting!!!!