Not Normal…

I wish …wooooo, I wish….everything went…..that holiday didn’t help!!!!!! i thought everything went well……started with a heavy rain when we are leaving KK on friday….flight asyik langgar awan dan landing dengan “bagusnya”, it caused me a great headache for a day…..running to Bed’s house on night to complete last minute assignment..managed to get only3 hours sleep …kemas bilik yg berselerak dgn barang2 yg still x unpack…….balas dendam tido…..and went to work today….starting with unexpected greed and smile from that person who i tried so hard not to be face to face with (it makes me smile foolishly and cursed myself for it in the same time)…and the rest of my day will be in doom after restructure meeting…’s only 12 am and i felt like forever.

I’m not praying hard enaugh!!!!


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