WHen YoU FaLL iN lOVe wItH a wroNg PErSoN …..

Have u come across this kind of situation? There is a guy u knew that he definitely do not fit your long list of a guy you dream about. And in the same time there is a guy who 96% fit into your list and when you see him at the first place, you knew he is the one. But your heart seems to betray and making you confuse when it welcomes the wrong person. It seems that you choose a dark and empty road which leads you to nowhere. Leaving a highway with a lot of light splashing on it and you know that when you follow that road, it will lead you to a safe and nice place. Do we need to follow the heart or the mind? Is there any possibility that this wrong person can turn to be right? Does its really true that human tend to make mistake? Or actually choose to make one? Or in our life actually there is no white or black but only mixture of it, grey………


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